Monday, March 13, 2017

Traditional Burning of the Pants .... 18 Months Down


So just wondering, how is Donald Trump doing in office? I really have no clue what is going on in the United States. All we hear here are Peruvians talking crap about Trump and saying that he is going to build a big wall? Is that true? Or just talk?

I think I mentioned last week that we travelled for 12 hours on Monday in a bus headed to Huancayo for Consejo de Lideres, and then Tuesday we had such a sweet missionary council. I love these councils. I love the training and listening to President. He really knows how to lift us up and motivate us. He talked about us being Ambassadors of Christ, and representing Him through everything that we do. After our meeting on Tuesday we walked around Huancayo and had our pday there. We ran into some medical students from Virgina Tech. They were talking really bad about the Peruvian doctors. I bought a sweet Tumi that I can carry around. A Tumi is a ceremonial "knife" ancient legends say the Tumi was used to cut open an animal that was being sacrificed. People in Peru say they are "good luck". Then at about 9:45 pm we emabarked on our journey or adventure back to Huanuco.  We traveled back home all during the night in a bus with recliners, and I think I slept like 3 of the 8 hours. It was a great time to think & ponder about things while speeding through a canyon in a bus. Jaja!

 "I see myself as a representative of the Lord"
Consejo de Lideres
 P-Day in Huancayo with Elder Crosland (front) Elder Walker (back)
The long bus ride back to Huanuco with Elder Crosland

On Thursday we were at the church all day long. We had a multizone with President Silva, and had interviews. We talked again about representing Jesus Christ the best that we can and in every way possible, through our dress our behavior, everything we do should represent Him. He also talked about having a "great imagination", and coming up with ways to teach and get past hard things. He likened it to David becoming stronger than Goliath and being able to overcome the giant. It was another great day, but long, we got back to our room (with President's permission) at about 10 o´clock that night.

On Saturday we had Zone meeting and we presented everything to our zone that President taught us on Tuesday at Consejo de Lideres.  At the end I was prompted to testifying about how our final judgment will be. It was another one of those amazing feelings of knowing that I was following the spirit precisely, I felt like I was floating. I know that sounds crazy, but as I was testifying of how we will be the ones who choose if, or if not, we make it into the Celestial Kingdom. And, how if we choose not to go, Heavenly Father will be pleading with us and crying because of our decision to not go with Him. I started to tear up, and at that very moment, I had a prayer answered that I'd asked prayerfully about so many times. My prayer was just to know how much God loves me and each one us. At that moment I felt His overwhelming love, and I knew how much he loved me, I had the distinct feeling that He gives us our absolute agency to choose if we will love Him and follow Him, or not. Grateful I have chosen to follow Him and love Him, grateful for this opportunity to serve Him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 2 solid years. I love what I'm doing.

Luke's Zone
Elder Christensen & Elder Crosland Zone Leaders

I love you all. My time here is short, and I have much to do! I hit 18 months in the mission on March 8th, but it's less than 6 months till I'll be heading home. I performed my last traditional burning... I burned a pair of pants to celebrate 18 months in the mission. I'll see you all in just over 5 months!

Hasta luego amigos!
Elder Christensen

18 Month Burning of the Pants

Elder Crosland
Luke said, "I love being back with Elder Crosland! We are doing great together! 
He loves to work hard, and that's refreshing! He's changing me. 
I'm learning so much about myself, and about life. I love this guy!"
Luke breaking his fast with a handful of Sweetart sugar!

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