Monday, December 28, 2015

It was a Great Christmas!! Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was so much fun for us to spend some time with Luke through Skype! Technology is so amazing and what a blessing to be able to SEE and TALK to him!! It's really probably somewhat of a miracle ... Skyping from the top of the Andes Mountains, with a clear picture and perfect sound has to be a miracle! Thanks for the love and support each of you give to Luke. He really wanted everyone to know how much he has appreciated getting emails, and cards and letters through the mail. Mail is a lifeline to a missionary! Thank you so much! We wish you all a wonderful new year!

Hey Everyone!! 

So this week was the worst, but also the best week of my mission so far. It was bad because we only had 5 lessons and 10 contacts!!  But, we were only in Carhuamayo for like 2 full days so that might explain most of it. Everything else was super awesome!! 

Tuesday night we had some super amazing good milkshakes in Huanuco!! And, I had about a gallon of them! They were mint chocolate chip and we put Oreos in them. Oh man that was super amazing, I haven't had anything like that for so long! We went to Cerro de Pasco on Thursday, Christmas Eve, and then my comp went to Tarma on Christmas Day to baptize some dude. So I was just hanging out with Elder Baca, my zone leader, and we had a super cool time. I really like him, we get along so good! We made hamburgers as a zone! They were so good! Hamburgers!!!  Then after that we went and Skyped our families. It was awesome because we wore those funny witch hats when our families answered the Skype. After we both talked to our family went and ate some pretty good Chinese food. Then we went back to the room after picking up some packages. When we got back to the room we didn't have any power, so no lights, so we just hung out.  Elder Baca opened his Christmas packages because he hadn't done that yet. I opened mine the day before on Christmas Eve before I left Carhuamayo.  Because we didn't have any light or anything we just used flashlights all night long. We ate some good American candy and talked about funny and crazy things. 

As you know, there is a mail strike here in Peru, so mail is just coming in really slow. It was slow before, but now it's just a few things coming in here and there. I was told I had some mail at the terminal so I picked it up and that night I also read some letters that is got. I should have more letters, but I did get a few. Mom, I got your letter that you sent me back in November. It was a way good letter!! I wish I would have had it when you sent it and meant for it to get to me! It helped me so much, you said some things that I really needed to hear. I really wish I'd had it sooner, it could of helped me sooner! thanks mama!!!! 

Saturday I got super trunky because I was just thinking about my family after talking to everyone on Friday! It was the best! Sunday it all changed! I haven't thought about my family at all, because I don't like you guys anymore!! haha!! I'm just kidding. I love you all a ton!! But, that was my week! I don't have many things to talk about since we talked just a few days ago. My Spanish is coming along better. I really can't wait until I am fluent, but I know I need to be patient with myself. And, also I might have said this on Friday, but my cool investigators that we've worked so hard with. They don't want to get baptized till like March!!! What the heck!!! Well, that's all!! Until next week!

love you all,
Elder Christensen

Elder Baca and Elder Christensen
Cerro de Pasco, Peru
Christmas 2015

Elder Baca and Elder Christensen in Cerro de Pasco, Peru
Christmas 2015 

Family Picture!! Skype call on Christmas Day 2015

The many faces of Elder Christensen on the Skype Call
Christmas Day 2015
Cerro de Pasco, Peru

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feliz Navidad!!

Hey Everyone and Feliz Navidad!

Sorry I was tardy on my email. We are in Huanuco again for a multi zone Christmas thing. I want to come here to Huanuco to serve so bad! I love it here! 

This week has been really hard. I've had such a tough time with my comp. He whines about EVERYTHING, he's super cocky and selfish. But this week, we helped each other, both in different ways. I have helped him to become more humble and he has been better at working on the other things too. Carhuamayo is such a hard place to be. I really am so ready to get out of Carhuamayo, but I'll be here until the Lord needs me somewhere else. I just have to keep telling myself I can do it here, it's hard but it will make me into the missionary I need to be. My comp actually helped me this week too. He did more for me this week than anyone, other than Nick, Kass, Kolt and Cory and their examples that they have shared with me from their missions they served. I know they've been in similar situations while on their missions, they understand, and I trust their advice. Again, I broke this week, I swear I've been super emotional since I've been here, maybe it's the spirit working on me and breaking me down! But, we were in a lesson and the guy we were teaching could have been the first baptism here in Carhuamayo in a year! I was so excited, but he felt like he could not accept the baptismal date that we gave him. I felt like this just ripped me apart, we had worked so hard with him, and I was so excited for him to become a member of this church and this gospel. Later that night I started thinking, then I felt like maybe I didn't have a testimony, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, why was I feeling so down about this.  My comp sat me down and asked what was wrong. He then said some things to me that will change me forever, he told me that only the strongest are sent here to Carhuamayo. He said, "this place is a place for growing and establishing your own strong testimony." He then said, "I have never met anyone that didn't have a testimony that would cry for some other person's salvation!" I then realized that through the whole conversation I understood every single word that he said so clear, just as if he had said it in English! It was like I had to hear his words and Heavenly Father gave me the Gift of Tongues for that moment so that I would know why I am here. The Holy Ghost, for that brief moment, helped me with what I needed. I know this gospel was put here on this earth for us, to help us to be happy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true! We are so blessed to be members of His church, and to have true happiness in our lives! He lives and he loves us!! I have been loving life now and I am more confident in all I do. I now realized that I love the Lord so much, my testimony will forever be growing, and I too am trying to have a better attitude about the mission and Carhuamayo. 

This week we went to Cerro de Pasco everday. I am in Huanuco chilling with Elder Leonard. He's a cool funny, tall, skinny guy. Also, this week the zone leaders came to Carhuamayo and we had a good time with them, they are such great guys and great Elders. We chilled, ate some good chocolate cake and drank mate'. We talked about all the crazy things that have to do with the tribes of Israel. We talked about things back home, video games and funny movies. Well that was my week and No I will not have any pictures because this computer's USB port doesn't work! Sorry!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! and family I can't wait to see you all on Skype on Friday!!!

Elder Christensen

Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm the Boogeyman!! or a Pishtaco!!

Well this has been a crazy week!! I keep thinking that I don't really like Carhuamayo, but then I realize all the blessings that I'm seeing. Every week I feel like I learn more and more. I feel like I learn more in a week here than I have my whole life! It's pretty crazy here in Carhuamayo!  Sometimes it is hard not to get cocky about my Spanish haha! I get thinking I'm so good at it, and then I realize that I don't really know it that great. But, I do have to speak it all day and when I don't know a word I have to try and work my way around what I'm trying to say. It is hard!! 

I do think that I have finally gotten to the President of the branch here in Carhuamayo. He has seriously changed for the better in a short time. He shows up to church 20 minutes early, and helps prepare everything! We actually are starting church on time now! and yesterday we had ward council!!! The third time in a year! and he stayed with us all day and went with us to teach lessons! He really is turning into a good guy! 

I will Skype on Christmas day from Cerro. I think they will have good internet there, better than in Carhuamayo. But, I will buy some calling cards just in case the internet is too slow, or it just doesn't work from this primitive place! Cerro does have better internet and actually has web cams. My pensionista has a computer with a camera, but they don't have internet. I will give her your email and she can email you, and then Nick can translate the message. Also, I was reading through my letters, looking for advice during this past week. I was reading Kolt's letter to me, and he told me to read D&C 4 again. And so I did, and I love verse 2! It made me want to go out and work hard. So you know what I did?  I went out and we found a new investigator and the kid wants to be baptised now! His name is Brad. He is a cool kid, the only problem is that it is hard to find him because in Peru they have school everyday, but Summer break for school is coming soon!

I do know that this is the hardest, but best time of my life. And I am really liking it! It is hard to deal with my comp, but I am learning patience and I'm getting good at it with him, yes, I know it's something I've needed to work on, I'm having my chance now! He isn't obedient and he has a toooooonnnn of pride! He's also a little selfish, but I'm learning so much every day that I'm with him. And, it's ok, because I only have 4 more weeks in Carhuamayo and then I'm going to the Jungle, and I'm going to get warm again. Yeah, I know, I'm dreaming and wishing, but hey, maybe!!! Yeah, I really do want to go to the Jungle. Every Elder usually gets to go to the Jungle after being in Carhuamayo, or a good, WARM, area in Huanuco! Huanuco is way cool! But the Jungle sounds better, and warmer!
It finally stopped raining in the Region of Cerro de Pasco. It literally rained for 2 weeks straight. It was so depressing, but yesterday all day it was warm and I was in a short sleeve shirt all day!! It was the best! It is summer here!???

Ok, now on to the funny parts of the week. So we have this less active member that is progressing. So, we go and teach him like everyday or every other day, and seriously, he thinks that I am a Pishtaco! (go and look this up they are some crazy people)  But, in the middle of the lessons he looks to my comp and says, "what does the pishtaco have to say about this?" It is pretty funny, and it really kills the spirit, and then he just dies laughing when he says it! He thinks he is so funny!! Actually, it is so funny! He had an accident a few years ago, and now his mind is like scrambled eggs. That is how the President of the branch explained it. He really is classic! I'll send a pic of him. Well, I am the only missionary I feel like that has their package for Christmas. I'm feeling pretty lucky! It's all because of the mail strike in Peru right now, bad timing!  Well, and that was my week love you all and bye!!!!!!

Elder Christensen

I looked up "pishtaco"!! It's pretty funny!!!

A pishtaco is a mythological boogeyman figure in the Andes region of South American, particularly in Peru and Bolivia. According to folklore, a pishtaco is an evil monster-like man, often a stranger and often a white man, who seeks out unsuspecting Indians to kill them and abuse them. The legend dates back to the Spanish conquest of South America. Primarily, this has been stealing their body fat for various cannibalistic purposes, or cutting them up and selling their flesh as fried chicharrones. Pishtaco derives from the local Quechua language word "pishtay" which means to behead, cut throat, or cut into slices.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Humility, Patience, Obedience and Hard Work!!


So this has been a good week, but kind of a depressing week too. I have found so many scriptures this week that have given me comfort!  I love them!!  Next week I will send a picture of all of them, because I think everyone deserves them! So, Elder Bullock is out of here, and he is now a Zone Leader in Huancayo. I really do miss him. He really was super cool and he helped me out a lot. Now I have a disobedient Elder with me, his name is Elder Alfonso. He tries to count some contacts as lessons and I keep telling him that they don't count!! So during informs I just don't tell the District Leader those numbers. haha!!! 

I am having a good time. I have been looking up a ton of scriptures, like I said, in my Pocket Reference Book for Missionaries. I looooooove that little book!!! I found a great scripture on the way here to Cerro de Pasco. It is D & C 136:31, "My people must be tried in all things, that they may be prepared to receive the glory that I have for them, even the glory of Zion; and he that will not bear chastisement is not worthy of my kingdom." So now I guess I pretty much have to finish my mission!! So I'll see you all in 21 months because tomorrow is my 3rd month in Peru! Wow, how fast time flies, and it should only go faster the more time I have!

Yesterday we had 7 people in Sacrament Meeting! AND .... the Branch President was on time!!! and set up the Sacrament!!! On Saturday I showed him D&C 107:99, "Wherefore, now let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence." and 100% he was scared and started working!!! We actually had a branch council and it went really good. In the next two months we could have 4 baptisms!! They will be the first baptisms in Carhuamayo in a whole  year!! That really makes me a lot happier to think about that!! 

Last Monday on p-day we went to Huayllay! It's such a great place. It's rock climbing heaven! We had hail and lightening super hard while we were there, and I really thought that I was going to die, but it was one of the coolest things that I have seen in along time! I really loved it. While we were there Elder Bullock got the call that he was leaving Carhuamayo to be a Zone Leader. I'll send pictures of this place, cause it was so cool!

So, like I said at the beginning, this week has been hard and depressing. Hard because my comp knows about 1/2% of English and I am forced to speak a language I'm not comfortable with at all! But, I know it will be good and really I do like it, I guess mostly because I have learned more about Spanish this week than another week so far. One of the little depressing things is that it goes from short sleeve weather in the day, to about negative 50 degrees because of the rain and wind chill! Which happen here at 15,000 ft every day! It gets so cold! The other day I forgot my gloves in the room so my hands were frozen, and I really thought about just cutting them off. haha!!  Just kidding! but it has been so dang cold every night this week! 

Elder Alfonso is my new comp and he is from Paraguay. I don't know the name of the city because it is a really weird name. He's really cool. I'm trying to help him be obedient to all of the rules, all of the time! I have realized out here that there are a few things that you need to have, humility, patience, obedience and to work hard all the time. Well, that was basically my week. I am working hard and trying as hard as I can so we will all receive blessings. I love you all. 

 ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡buenos suerte!!!!!!!!!

Elder Christensen

Visiting Huayllay National Sanctuary. 
A park in Peru noted for the large scenic rock formations of theRock Forest, near Carhuamayo, Peru

At Huayllay 
Elder Christensen, Elder Baca and Elder Grandstaff 

Such a beautiful place! Luke said, "it's a rock climber's heaven"!
And if you know Luke! You know he's in heaven standing up on this big rock!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey???

Hey que tal everybody. 

Well me and my comp are getting along and we have had a good week! I broke down and cried super hard because I guess because I am a wimp jk! but I realized I really wasn't being humble. I never wanted to learn and study with my comp. I just liked to be alone before, but now he has helped me out so much. I really am so glad that Presidente Henderson put me here to learn. I really think there is a reason. 

We had a great week teaching and we actually had another investigator that me and Bullock found and he came to church! Really, that's crazy for Carhuarmayo. We also had the first rescue last night in 6 months! and, we should have another one later tonight and probably next week!! We couldn't find one of our investigators, he is a little nuts and thinks he needs to end his life, so we are trying to find him and show him Alma 34:32, so he can think about his life. The lesson that Elder Bullock and I taught him and his son was the most spiritual experience of my life. I really feel like he needs us. He needs our help so much!! 

We are finally starting to get callings in the branch. We have been pestering the President of the Branch a lot to just make callings, and some other things like home teaching assignments. I'm really not sure he should be in the presidency. I don't even think he believes the church is true. We mostly make him do all the things he does. 

Let's get onto the good topic. So, for Thanksgiving our pench tried to create an "American" Thanksgiving dinner. We had french fries with some rice and some kind of meat that our pench called "turkey" haha. It was not good meat!!!! But, then right after lunch we went and set up her Christmas tree for her. I didn't get a pic of all of them, but I did get a funny one of her husband haha!! He is so funny and crazy!  The last thing, so we got a free papaya from one of our investigators haha weird I know, but we took it back to our pench's house and when we got there everyone was so drunk they couldn't even walk! Well, everyone except our pench and her husband!  Everyone was being so crazy, it was her sons and all of her family, so there were like 15 people just hammered! They couldn't walk and just wanted to argue with us about the Bible and some things they say make no sense about the LDS church! They said that Jesus was trying to judge the bible?? haha crazy people! We handled them fine!! 

So that was pretty much my week. I love you all and want to thank you for the support. I am about to go and see the only tourist attraction in all of Cerro de Pasco called Huayllay. (The Huayllay is a rock forest and is a major tourist attraction in Peru, for both hiking and sightseeing. It is also an international destination for rock climbers, Nick you'd love it!) It looks cool! Guess I'll have to see what happens. Oh, and last p-day we made the best hamburgers that I have had in months. I would about give my left hand for another one! (burgers are a rare thing in Peru)! I love you and be SAFE! 

Elder Christensen, Elder Bullock, Fernandez and Baca out for a Mango Smoothie!

This is Luke's planner on Thanksgiving Day. He said, "sorry if I forgot anyone... I'm so thankful for you all!"
Then he came back and said "Oh!!! I forgot Staci, Jan, and their family..."

This is Marcelino. He is the husband to Luke and Elder Bullock's Pensionista. 
Looks like the kitchen in the background!

This is the Christmas tree that they set up at the Pensionista's house!
I love the colorful paint in their homes!
Luke also said, "I cut my own hair, and the left side is shorter than the right side! It looks pretty funny, but I guess that's ok!"

Luke, standing on the stairs at the back of their house in his new hat and poncho! 
A true Peruvian!

This is Huayllay not far from where Luke is serving. 
It is a "Rock Forest". It is a rock climbers paradise!

Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Summer and It's Snowing!!!

Luke said the only thing he really wants for Christmas is candy and letters!! If you want to send him a card or letter he'd LOVE it! Thanks to those who have sent cards and letters, I know a lot of you have and he'll be thrilled to receive them!! If you want to send a card/letter it is $1.20 in postage for a regular size card/letter envelope. Here's his address....  As always, thanks for your love and support!!!

Elder Lucas Christensen
Peru Huancayo Mission
Jiron Cusco #278
Huancayo Junin Peru

Hey there everyone!! 

I have had a crazy week!! I have seen some small miracles and one made me thing about Marci (my aunt). So I really have been focusing on learning the lessons the past two weeks so I can teach and be fully effective. This week has been great here in Carhuamayo. The only thing I'm not liking is that it is always cold and i just don't want to be here for another 3 months, but it sounds like I am going to be staying here for another transfer. I feel like I'm never going to get warm! 

I really want to come home sometimes, but then I reallize that I'm not doing this for me. This week I started to get really down on myself and I didn't want to talk to anyone. So when I got home to our house, I looked for Nick's letter, Kass´s letter and Kolt's letter that they all gave me the night before I left.  I read them all, and really loved how those letters gave me a new perspective. I was really praying the night before because I needed some help. So I prayed the next morning and went and jumped in the shower and "ponderized" about how I am going to make it for two years. I came to a conclusion. If I can make it out of Carhuamayo I can make another 18 months or 19 and a half months. But, I really was trying to figure out how I can better my attitude. I was thinking for a long time, and something popped into my head, and it was something that I haven't thought about in years. I am purpously making this sentence longer to build suspense!!! ....... but I thought about when Nick was on his mission and his friend sent him and his other friends a quote about snowboarding. It was a quote by Connor Graff. It goes something like... all of the little jumps and bumps that they went off while snowboarding were just practices for the bigger kickers that lay ahead of them, and I related the little jumps to my trials in Carhuamayo and the rest of my mission, it's just building up for the bigger things in my life. 

Another little thing that happened this week that was really cool... so me and my comp were going to go teach a lesson to this family of less actives, and no one was there but the kid and the mom. Well, the mom was having really bad troubles with her neck and body and it really made me think of the thing that is happening to Marci. I got my mom's letter about how Marci is still trying to recover from her neck stuff. So, we gave her a priesthood blessing and the spirit felt so amazingly strong! The next day we went to see how she was doing, because we were on our way to an investigators house, and she was working again, and said that she felt great. THE POWER OF THE PRIESTHOOD IS REEEEEAAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

We finally got to teach the shoe guy that I talked about a few weeks ago, and he said some pretty wierd things about his life, like how he was about to kill himself many times, it really was super sad. We have another lesson with him and his family on Wednesday at like 3:00 so hopefully it goes good. Yesterday I took a million pictures because it was snowing so hard for like 4 hours, (and yes, it's supposed to be summer) and then it got to like 100 degrees and all dried up. Pretty much just like Utah haha. 

We jumped in a car and this guy was playing Pat Benatar, White Stripes and Eucalyptus, or whatever it's called. I tried not to listen because they are songs of the world, and I asked him to turn the radio off please, but he didn't understand when I spoke English to him, haha was a good ride though!! I now officialy weigh what I did in 9th grade. a solid 175 pounds and dropping. haha I am like a twig!! I feel like anyway! 

Last night we went to a missionary thing for the Cerro de Pasco Stake, and these missonaries were showing mission pics, and I saw Zane Rigby in a pic!!! Really the familiar face was awesome!!! 

One last thing ... I really want to go snowboarding!!! 

love you all,
Elder Christensen

The view from Luke's balcony.

The village of Carhuamayo

The outside of Luke's "house". It snowed hard for 4 hours on Sunday and then cleared up, was hot and it all melted! It's Summertime in the Andes Mountains!!!
He said, "well, I guess we are now dentists", we seem to be advertising that we are anyway!

Luke's room .... looks better than I had imagined! He just can't get warm!

The outside of the LDS church in Carhuamayo. 
Luke said, "This is our church, it's really kinda sad that that is the Lord's house with bars on the windows. The guy on the right is wearing a 'marijuana hat', best part is that he wore it to church yesterday!"

Monday, November 16, 2015

New Investigators!!!!

Hey there what's happening! 

So last week we were in Huanuco and that place is so freaking awesome! I want to serve there so bad. So I have had a lot of things happen this week but not too crazy. We got to stay with Elder Horsely from Pleasant Grove and Elder Harron from Nevada and my comp from the CCM and his comp, and then the last night Elder Albrect and his comp stayed with us too, and that was so freaking fun. Man, it is so nice to be able to talk about something or people that another person knows about!! 

So yeah, this week was the best week in Carhuarmayo ever!  We found 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS! haha That sounds like garbage, but we haven't really even had a new investigator since I got here. We are teaching people who have potential to be baptized! It is so cool to see something happen for once. I can't wait to keep working with them and see what we can teach them!

Also, this week I have been really humbled. I had a really bad attitude before, and I was reading in the Missionary Pocket Reference book that you got me from Deseret Book or somewhere? and I literally read a section on pride, probably because I really needed it! And I read some scriptures on pride and some about being humble, and I have been humbled more than ever after reading and studying about it. I really know and I now have the strongest testimony of Prophets, especially Joseph Smith. My testimony is so much stronger of Jesus Christ our Savior too. I almost started to cry in a lesson we were teaching because I felt the spirit testify so strong, it was crazy, and amazing. I know it's true! Every bit of this gospel.

My Spanish is coming along I think, haha. I have been working hard and the same with my comp. I don't know for sure if Elder Bullock with be here in Carhuamayo next transfer, but he seriously has taught me so much about how to become a better missionary. Before I only wanted to learn by myself and we didn't have a good relationship. But now I think I am learning a lot about the language and also the gospel lessons. I really do need some prayers though from everyone. This is the hardest thing that I have ever done, and I go to my knees in prayer probably 10 times before lunch, and through the day I'm sure I probably pray 20 + times. It really is so awesome to be able to talk to Heavenly Father and ask for help and guidance. 

My pensionista is crazy though haha!!! I love her! She and her husband have a little baby cat and a little dog probably about 3 or 4 months old, and one day the dog was beating up on the brand new baby cat and my pench's husband grabbed the dog and threw him haha it was kinda funny. I don't have any pics of my pench sorry, but next week I will send some. We are super close to getting a few reactivations it's super cool. Pray for us! Well I'll write next week. Chau!

Elder Christensen

The Church in Carhuamayo

The backyard and the back view of Luke's house and the bathroom, which is not connected to the house, but it does have hot water which none of the other missionaries in this area have!

Luke's house with a moto taxi in the background
Moto taxi's are a main form of transportation in Peru.
It is a motorcycle with a "buggy" attached to the back of it. It can fit 2-3 people.

A street in Carhuamayo, Peru

District Halloween Party
They played soccer in their costumes!
Luke said it was a fun activity!

A cemetery in Carhuamayo

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hanging with Elder Albrecht at Multi Zone Conference!

Luke says the only thing he wants is MORE LETTERS! He would love to hear from all of you! You can email him, but he doesn't seem to have a lot of time to read and write emails. His email is 

His mailing address is: 
Elder Lucas Christensen
Peru Huancayo Mission
Jiron Cusco #278
Huancayo, Junin, Peru
A regular letter costs $1.20 to mail and takes about 10-14 days to get to him.

Thanks for all of your love and support!

Hey ma!! 

Yeah I'm in Huanuco for a multi zone conference. It's pretty cool! I bought a dope sweatshirt, so you don't need to send me one, and a bag that is for like traveling for 20 dollars total haha! Everything here is so freaking cheap! I got a steak and a butt load of fries yesterday for like $4.50! And, yes I got my sleeping bag, blanket and the candy. It was awesome to get it and could you send me some sour bright gummy worms! Those really make life better!! Now I think I'm good the only places that are really cold are Carhuamayo, Cerro de Pasco and one other area. So apparently, I've heard my mission should only go up hill from here, warmer and easier!! hopefully! 

I want more letters, that is really the only thing I want!! and just send a ton of candy! That is the best just having some American candy! Just open the bag of sour bright gummy worms and get the air out and then seal it with like tape so it doesnt take up space. I really don't even care if they aren't soft, they are still amazing! 

That's crazy that Kenzie is getting married. I think that is so cool. Hopefully this guy is worthy of her. Also, could you send me a tape recorder so we can like basically talk, and make it one that I can just plug into the computer and send you recordings and download recordings onto my USB. 

So, yeah back to the story about Huanuco, where I am for the Zone Conference, it is so hot and humid here I am freakin dying, especially after freezing in Carhuamayo. We are staying in the zone leaders house in Huanuco till Wednesday. Their names are Elder Horsley and Elder Harron and they are so freaking dope! It's too bad that Elder Horsley dies this transfer because I have gone on splits with him for three days. It makes it a lot more fun to be out here in Huanuco, and we are apparently in the hardest part of Huanuco and it is still so fun compared to Carhurmayo where I am. In my area we have been focusing a lot on less actives lately. We don't really have investigators because no one in the place can comprehend what we are saying! haha Everyone in the city is either 90 years old or like 1 to 20 with nothing in between. That's probably because anyone that is actually smart moves to Huancayo or Lima or Huanuco! So it turns out that the cool investigator guy that was supposed to be interested, well, we couldnt find him this week. Super sad, and our other investigators are all women, so we never get to visit them because we can't visit women without a man from the ward present, so we don't really get to teach to many investigators. But we'll keep working hard and I do think that I might actually have a chance for a baptism there.

So while I'm here in Huanaco I get to stay with Elder Albrecht!!! It's gonna be so great! I did see Rocky Evans too and talked to them for a fat minute! It's so great to see someone from home! They're the greatest! There's a picture of me, Elder Albrecht and my companion E. Bullock.  

So this is funny... one of the dudes that we were teaching it took us an hour to get it through his head that the difference between our church and other churches is the authority of God to have 3 things, and that they were Prophets, Apostles, and the Priesthood. We didn't even teach him about the differences though, we drew on a board just the names of those 3 things and he couldn't get it! And yeah, that kid that we've been working with to go on a mission, doesn't turn 18 until next September so hopefully we can inspire him enough to stay strong and in church. 

We really don't do anything on p days other than play soccer and you get tired so fast here in the high altitude. But last week we dressed up for Halloween and I was Superman and we played soccer in our costumes and also made a Harlem Shake video haha! It was super fun. There really is nothing cool to go and see in Cerro. It's just a barren gold mining town. There aren't like tourist attractions, well, other than it is the dirtiest water in the world haha! Like literally it is so dirty they told us that we can't even boil our water to drink it. Our water has to be brought in! But enough negative things about Cerro! It really has been super great and I seriously can't believe that I am in my third month and it is November! In a month and 2 days is Dad's birthday haha!!! and in less than 2 months I will be talking to you all on skype probably and hopefully in Spanish to Nick. 

I got Mimi`s letter last Tuesday while we were in Cerro for a zone meeting, we do go over there a lot. I have been there for like half the time I have been in the field. But I was reading Mimi`s letter about Uncle Lal and all the things that have happened and how he got baptised and confirmed, then gave an amazing testimony. That was one of the happiest moments in my whole mission so far. I started tearing up I was so happy. It sounds kind of wierd because we aren't like super close, but I was just so happy that he is back in the church. And like Mimi said, that he is back to what he loves!! 

Well that was my week sorry it wasn't that interesting, but I want everyone to tell Mimi's brother and my uncle congrats!! and that I am so happy for him! This next week I will be doing a lot of things so I'll let you know next week how it was. I love you all and hasta luego!!

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Elder Albrecht and Elder Bullock (Luke's Companion)
Elder Albrecht was in our ward when he and Luke were younger.
They both went to Alta High School.
We have always loved the Albrechts! They are a great family!
So great for the boys to see a familiar face so far from home!
I LOVE that they are together for a few days!

Monday, November 2, 2015

A Tiny Town of "Hill Billies"!!

Hey mama and everyone!

What's up! So I am going to tell you this story, imagine a town about half the size of Panguitch and it probably started with 2 people. Now I want you to think of a hillbilly family! and now I want you to imagine a town full of hillbillies, and then you'll have the little town of Carhuamayo! haha This is the worst town in history! I am pretty sure this is a make you or break you kind of town. I seriously do not have a clue why this is an area. It's really hard! Yesterday we had church and there were 8 people there other than us, and they all wanted to leave after Sacrament Meeting. The Bishop was late to Sacrament Meeting, and sometimes he doesn't show up because he just doesn't feel like going to church that day. haha!! Yeah I have no clue why he is still the bishop. He is technichally an inactive member!! We had to force him to stay for the whole block time basically! It's crazy! 

My spanish is coming along a lot better than I thought it would be by now. I have been reading the scriptures a lot, it is really hard because some days it takes me like an hour to get through a chapter in Spanish, but I am starting to be able to read a lot better in Spanish. It's coming!! I really wish that the Tower of Babel had never happened!!! That would make things a lot more fun haha. 

So it has rained about every night in the past week and it is super miserable. I have worn my boots, the Ecco ones, the whole time I have been here. I love them. Last p-day we went to the gym and worked out for like 2 hours, it felt so good, and guess how much I weigh... well I have lost 15 pounds since I've been in Peru, which is only 2 months, and that was a week ago! I am pretty sure I'm in the 170s now! 

My Pensionista is the worst at cooking rice haha! She seems to burn the rice about every time and it tastes horrible! Her name is Mama Betty and really she is the nicest lady. I really like her! She and her family are the richest people in Carhuamayo and the nicest. (A Pensionista is a woman who cooks for the Elders and does their laundry. They do not go to members homes for meals. I'm guessing because people are poor and can't afford to feed the missionaries, and it may be because of cleanliness issues too. Pensionistas are trained to cook for the Elders and Sisters. The missionaries give her money each week for food and she cooks for them. She also does their laundry for them. They are wonderful women who "take care" of the missionaries! They love them like their own sons and daughters, we still keep in touch with one of Nick's Pensionistas).

We were walking down this street last week and it was getting late and I felt a real urge to go and talk to this guy that was in the shoe shop, but I didn't speak up because we were late for an appointment. For some reason here if you make an appointment with someone they will leave before you get there and try to not let you come in. So our appointment failed so we went back to the shoe shop and this guy was just crying and telling us on how he has tried every church but ours and how he didn't believe any of them. So he could be a golden investigator!! 

There is a dope kid here and his name is Kevin and he is 17.  We are trying to persuade him to serve a mission and I think that it is kinda working! We have had like 3 lessons with him this week. It would be the best if he decided to go!

So on Thursday I was so sick, like a food poisoning type of thing and I literally thought I was going to die. Everyone thinks that it would be cool to be sick in the mission and get a day off! haha no! It was the longest day I have had in my life haha. Like seriously that day felt like a whole week!  

My comp he is pretty dope! He apologizes for everything for some reason, even things that are good things he says sorry! I kind of want to punch him, but I won't because he is in the Marines and he could kill me haha! He's from Pleasant Grove and his name is Elder Bullock (did I tell you that last week ). He says he lives in Pleasant Grove, but for some reason he doesn't know where Sandy and Draper are, or Riverton or even like Orem!!! So that's kind of funny, he's got to be joking! but he's great and a nice guy. We're doing good together! 

Last p-day, me, Elder Bullock and the zone leaders made pancakes and lamb burgers or Alpaca burgers they were good!! We played soccer at 15,000 feet above sea level at the highest church in the world!! And .... that was my week!! 

love you all and be safe!

Love, Elder Christensen

No pictures this week.... Luke said they couldn't email from their usual place and the internet was very slow wherever they were emailing from so he couldn't get his pictures to download .... hopefully next week!

Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm at the Top of the World!!!

So Luke made it to his first area. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the people, the cold and the altitude! We heard from another missionary who served in Carhuamayo that it is a very difficult area and the people are very hardened. Keep him in your prayers. 

Hey Mama and everyone else! whats up! 

This has been the hardest week of my life. I am in Cerro de Pasco, Peru for my first transfer and I hated it so bad at first. Well, actually I am in this little town just outside of Cerro called Carhumayo. It seems like everyone here is a jerk! They think that they know what a revelation is and isn't, it makes me so mad because they just think that they know more than we do and they won't listen.  It is a pretty cool little town, every road is dirt, and it is like 40 degrees in the day and at night it gets down to like 20 degrees or less, at least it feels like it haha. But, don't worry about me, it is getting better every day. I have prayed a lot lately!  And the Spanish is coming along quite well. 

Sometimes it is so hard not to think about everyone at home, but I know I have to tough it up. You know what they say, the harder your area is, the hotter your wife is going to be, and so that has kept me going lately!! 

The trip up to Huancayo was awesome. We sat on a double decker bus and me and Elder Ramirez chilled and watched all the scenery, it was pretty dope.  Everyone from my group went to Huanuco which is one of the best places to go to, and then there is me, the only kid that is getting trained in Cerro, haha! It kinda sucks, but I did get an investegator for the zone leaders by speaking freaking Spanish haha! It was so great!! Apparently no one that has ever been to Cerro has gotten an investigator in their first week. God has to be real if that happened!! 

And the dogs here are freaking crazy haha! I have already been chased by a dog and he was freaking phsyco! I thought I was going to die! I don't have any friends here other than the ZL's and my comp. My comp is a cool dude. He's from Pleasant Grove and his name is Elder Bullock. His Spanish is ok definitely better than mine!! but I guess Heavenly Father will help us out. And, you should see my bathroom. It is apparently the best in the zone, and it really is! The zone leader's bathroom is like 4 feet by 3 feet, and the shower is right over their toilet, haha! And we have hot water so that is a plus, and a lot of room in there! It is pretty nice! 

Well, it will be an interesting 22 and a half months. Missing you all and I cant wait to see you all again. hasta luego! 

Love, Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Elder Ramirez, Elder Crisp and Elder Matthews

On the way to Huancayo, Peru

Luke with his new companion Elder Bullock

Huancayo, Peru

Carhuamayo, Peru
The little village Luke will be serving in! 
Cerro de Pasco sits at 15,000 ft. and is not far from Carhuamayo. 
They are both gold mining towns. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Elder Christensen with President & Sister Henderson

This just arrived!!! He looks so good! We've heard AMAZING things about President and Sister Henderson!
 Can't wait for him to serve with these amazing people!
He is serving in Carhuamayo which is high in the Andes (13,600 ft). It looks beautiful there!

Dear Christensen Family

     We want to let you know that Elder Christensen  arrived safe and sound here in the PerĂº Huancayo Mission.  We are grateful to have him here!   He and the other 22 new missionaries arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and we oriented them that evening and for much of the day on Wednesday with their new companions.  Elder Christensen and his training companion then headed to their proselyting area in Carhuamayo.

     Thanks for letting Elder Christensen come to our Mission.  We look forward to two good years together with your good son.

President David Y. Henderson
Peru Huancayo Mission

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Made it to Huancayo!

Huancayo, Peru is a beautiful little city that sits in the Andes Mountains at about 11,000 feet above sea level. Luke's mission consists of some jungle area (8 hours north of Huancayo and 8 hours east of Huancayo) that is at about 2,200 feet above sea level to the barren gold mining city of Cerro de Pasco, which has an elevation of almost 15,000 feet. It's one of the highest inhabited cities in the world. Elder Christensen will be having quite the adventure as he serves. We are so excited for him and can't wait to watch him grow as he serves our Heavenly Father in a beautiful and humble part of the vineyard.

Elder Christensen arrived in Huancayo tonight after a 6 hour bus ride from Lima. We heard that it was a crazy switch back road that peaks at 16,000 feet and then drops down into Huancayo at 11,000 feet. Quite the elevation difference from Lima which is at sea level. We received this short email from him. We'll look forward to next week to see who his companion is and which area he will be serving in. Keep him in your prayers as he begins this new chapter of his journey! Thank you for all of your love and support!

Hey mama!!! 

How are you doing? I just made it to Huancayo. We made it safely, but it was a crazy ride! and wow I do feel it, the altitude is so high up! I don't have a lot of time to write only a few seconds, I just wanted to let you know I'm here safe. But I have been working on my Spanish Book of Mormon study. I've also found some really good stuff in the D&C and Pearl of Great Price! It's pretty sweet. I love it!

This week has been an amazing week! I am about to find out who my new comp is. And, now I am going to be speaking a language that I hardly know! Say a prayer for me!

Well, signing off! Love you and be safe. Love you, love you and tell Nick I made it and Cory and Kass and Kolt.

Love you, Elder C.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm Leaving the CCM!!!!!

hola amigos! ¿como estan? haha the Spanish is coming along pretty good. I now can sort of understand more people than usual. and I have been speaking so much Spanish so far that I forget some Ingles words and don´t really know how to spell, just like how Nick was, but I do still know English. 

Well, this past week has really been amazing! I have been through the temple here three times in only Spanish and I can sort of understand it, but they still have not taught us how to put a sentence together in Spanish. So, I can understand what people are saying but I miss a lot of words and I can't really respond to them. In fact, I cant really even respond in Spanish at all! haha it's so freaking hard! well yeah, other than that, I really like this place. I'm going to miss being with all of these guys in here that I am with 24/7. They are all way cool and super funny. I have done some pretty funny things this week. All of the people that are in my district and the other district that came here with at the same time are all funny and super crazy, but every single Elder that is a principio or intermedio (newbies), well, they are a bunch of turds. They are tattle tales and anything that they can get you in trouble with they try to do it. So, me and Elder Ramirez and Elder Barrett ate this kid, Elder Walker's Pringles and put
something super funny in the can, but very harmless, and when Elder Walker opened it he about stuck his hand in the can and we about died laughing. He was super mad at us hahahahhahahahaha! We also did the same to the new principios and put it up in their roof, because it is like a school style roof, you just move the panels! it that was super funny! 

So, basically the food here is just strait garbage and I am really hating it all except the chicken saltado and the jello and the toast and the yogurt. So there are some things that aren't too bad I guess, but I swear this place is more and more like a prison. The Presidente, well, I don't even think that he has smiled once, other than when I about beat him in ping pong. The guy is really good!

I have learned so much about the gospel since I've been here. I mostly have been studying Mormon, 1st Nephi 8, which talks about the tree of life, and D&C 121 which is my very favorite chapter, other than the Joseph Smith History. I don't know what it is but Joseph Smith is like my favorite person ever in the world!  and I do know why I like him so much. I have gained such strong testimony about him and his work. I thank all of you for your support and for everything. Be safe and I love you all. Next time I'll be writing from somewhere in the Huancayo mission! I wont write next week because I will just be getting into the field and so i wont be able to write for like 2 weeks. hasta luego!! I love you all!

Elder Christensen

Luke at the Lima Peru Temple with his companion

At the Lima Peru Temple with his District

A random street in Lima 

Elder Christensen at the CCM overlooking his beloved soccer field

Elder Christensen at the CCM (probably after playing some soccer)!