Monday, October 26, 2015

I'm at the Top of the World!!!

So Luke made it to his first area. Hopefully, he'll adjust to the people, the cold and the altitude! We heard from another missionary who served in Carhuamayo that it is a very difficult area and the people are very hardened. Keep him in your prayers. 

Hey Mama and everyone else! whats up! 

This has been the hardest week of my life. I am in Cerro de Pasco, Peru for my first transfer and I hated it so bad at first. Well, actually I am in this little town just outside of Cerro called Carhumayo. It seems like everyone here is a jerk! They think that they know what a revelation is and isn't, it makes me so mad because they just think that they know more than we do and they won't listen.  It is a pretty cool little town, every road is dirt, and it is like 40 degrees in the day and at night it gets down to like 20 degrees or less, at least it feels like it haha. But, don't worry about me, it is getting better every day. I have prayed a lot lately!  And the Spanish is coming along quite well. 

Sometimes it is so hard not to think about everyone at home, but I know I have to tough it up. You know what they say, the harder your area is, the hotter your wife is going to be, and so that has kept me going lately!! 

The trip up to Huancayo was awesome. We sat on a double decker bus and me and Elder Ramirez chilled and watched all the scenery, it was pretty dope.  Everyone from my group went to Huanuco which is one of the best places to go to, and then there is me, the only kid that is getting trained in Cerro, haha! It kinda sucks, but I did get an investegator for the zone leaders by speaking freaking Spanish haha! It was so great!! Apparently no one that has ever been to Cerro has gotten an investigator in their first week. God has to be real if that happened!! 

And the dogs here are freaking crazy haha! I have already been chased by a dog and he was freaking phsyco! I thought I was going to die! I don't have any friends here other than the ZL's and my comp. My comp is a cool dude. He's from Pleasant Grove and his name is Elder Bullock. His Spanish is ok definitely better than mine!! but I guess Heavenly Father will help us out. And, you should see my bathroom. It is apparently the best in the zone, and it really is! The zone leader's bathroom is like 4 feet by 3 feet, and the shower is right over their toilet, haha! And we have hot water so that is a plus, and a lot of room in there! It is pretty nice! 

Well, it will be an interesting 22 and a half months. Missing you all and I cant wait to see you all again. hasta luego! 

Love, Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Elder Ramirez, Elder Crisp and Elder Matthews

On the way to Huancayo, Peru

Luke with his new companion Elder Bullock

Huancayo, Peru

Carhuamayo, Peru
The little village Luke will be serving in! 
Cerro de Pasco sits at 15,000 ft. and is not far from Carhuamayo. 
They are both gold mining towns. 

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