Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 2 From the CCM in Lima

Hello everybody!
I have had another wonderful week in the CCM! and I now am considered an intermediate in the CCM. haha I suck so bad at Spanish! I literally can only understand what the gringo missionaries say or my teachers when they speak really slow. I really do wish that I would have tried to learn spanish before I had come out on my mission because I would already be in the field. 
This week was the week that I finally figured out just how bad the food is here. I haven't finished a meal in like a week because I always loose my appetite from this crappy meat that they think they can give us. I literally have only finished my breakfast because i have like three peices of toast and that is basically the only thing that is good here in the CCM. I had that purple potato juice and wow. haha I cant even explain the flavor, it is so weird! But I do really like it here. I have so much fun with all the other missionaries and my comp. My comp literally, I hated him last week and now he is one of my favorites, because he makes me laugh so much. His name is Elder Mathews he is from Brigham City. He lives right across from the temple in a super old house from the 1800s haha but he literally has become the funniest person in the past week. I am pretty sure that I have a six pack from laughing so hard. 
This week we had to start teaching lessons in Spanish without our notes so it is the hardest thing ever. But I don't do too bad. I can get my point across when I am speaking. I think really the only hard thing to deal with is me trying to remember all of the phrases that I have to know and I am trying to learn like 50 plus words a day and that is making it have like the three stooges effect, where you try to jam so many things into your brain at a time and they can't all fit. 
I am loving soccer even more and more every day. I have a personalized jersey coming in next week from the missionary black market and I got a home game Messi jersey, and an Italy Balotteli jersey. It is pretty dope. That soccer ball that Cory got me right before I left was the greatest thing in the world, I freaking love playing with it. Me and my companions play a game where we have a person on one side of our room and one on the other and there is a laundry bag but it is one that stands up so its like 3 feet tall and a little hole like a foot wide, and first person to make it in they stay playing and its like a tournament sort of thing. It is so fun! 
I have written in my journal everyday so far, except the last two because I don´t feel like I need to because I have not done anything different in the last few days. The only thing litteraly that is different is the food and if we are teaching lessons that day. When your district is teaching lessons that is the best, because you get to hang with everyone that is not teaching and actually get to read the scriptures. I really have only gotten through like 15 chapters here because this place is like prison but it is a prison that you have to get around using Spanish haha its weird. The president is super good at ping pong like I said last week, and I played him twice and he beat me twice 9 to 11. It made me so mad. 
Today is my p day and we went to the temple again. It is just so great how I learn so much every time I go through. Then we went to this place and we had to walk there and it was like 15 minutes and everyone in the city is a bunch of jerks. If I wasnt a missionary I would say something else but I have calmed myself while I have been here. 
Well those are the only things that have happened this week. I was just informed that Elder Scott just died? The CCM isnt telling us anything! Maybe it is because the president hates the gringos haha! He will never even say excuse me when he wants to get past you, he just thinks that you will move for him. But, to get back on track with the Elder Scott subject. THE WORLD IS ENDING.  Everyone needs to repent!! I really hope that is not going to happen. 
The Elder, Daniel Larson, that was in the Nauvoo pageant last summer is in my room. We are pretty good friends. but he is kind of a wiener because he just sings the whole time that he is awake. He was the district leader and it is true, that if you give a man an ounce of power he will use it against you!! 
But I really do love you all. I will see you all in person in a little less than two years because I have been out for like two weeks haha! and I only have like 3 1/2 weeks left in here! That really is the greatest thing ever that I get out of here and get to serve finally. I love you and and I am sad that Mimi and Papa couldn't come home just a week earlier. That made me super sad when you told me I missed them by 5 days. But now I'm ok, because if you all are happy I am happy. Ill write next week. Kiss Kiss.

Elder Christensen

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