Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm Leaving the CCM!!!!!

hola amigos! ¿como estan? haha the Spanish is coming along pretty good. I now can sort of understand more people than usual. and I have been speaking so much Spanish so far that I forget some Ingles words and don´t really know how to spell, just like how Nick was, but I do still know English. 

Well, this past week has really been amazing! I have been through the temple here three times in only Spanish and I can sort of understand it, but they still have not taught us how to put a sentence together in Spanish. So, I can understand what people are saying but I miss a lot of words and I can't really respond to them. In fact, I cant really even respond in Spanish at all! haha it's so freaking hard! well yeah, other than that, I really like this place. I'm going to miss being with all of these guys in here that I am with 24/7. They are all way cool and super funny. I have done some pretty funny things this week. All of the people that are in my district and the other district that came here with at the same time are all funny and super crazy, but every single Elder that is a principio or intermedio (newbies), well, they are a bunch of turds. They are tattle tales and anything that they can get you in trouble with they try to do it. So, me and Elder Ramirez and Elder Barrett ate this kid, Elder Walker's Pringles and put
something super funny in the can, but very harmless, and when Elder Walker opened it he about stuck his hand in the can and we about died laughing. He was super mad at us hahahahhahahahaha! We also did the same to the new principios and put it up in their roof, because it is like a school style roof, you just move the panels! it that was super funny! 

So, basically the food here is just strait garbage and I am really hating it all except the chicken saltado and the jello and the toast and the yogurt. So there are some things that aren't too bad I guess, but I swear this place is more and more like a prison. The Presidente, well, I don't even think that he has smiled once, other than when I about beat him in ping pong. The guy is really good!

I have learned so much about the gospel since I've been here. I mostly have been studying Mormon, 1st Nephi 8, which talks about the tree of life, and D&C 121 which is my very favorite chapter, other than the Joseph Smith History. I don't know what it is but Joseph Smith is like my favorite person ever in the world!  and I do know why I like him so much. I have gained such strong testimony about him and his work. I thank all of you for your support and for everything. Be safe and I love you all. Next time I'll be writing from somewhere in the Huancayo mission! I wont write next week because I will just be getting into the field and so i wont be able to write for like 2 weeks. hasta luego!! I love you all!

Elder Christensen

Luke at the Lima Peru Temple with his companion

At the Lima Peru Temple with his District

A random street in Lima 

Elder Christensen at the CCM overlooking his beloved soccer field

Elder Christensen at the CCM (probably after playing some soccer)!


  1. We are loving reading his updates!! He is hilarious! Thanks for sharing them. We love his honesty and humor!!

  2. Out of prison Hurrah! Off to the Andes to teach the Peruvians about our great "Plan of Happiness"!! Your awesome!