Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 3 From the CCM in Lima

Hi Everyone,

Well this week was flipping crazy. Not too much different than any other week but it sure has been a way better one. We got to watch the Elder Scott funeral and his son spoke and he did really good it was cool to learn about his life more. It was so wierd because the CCM teachers didnt tell us that he had passed away, and so we just had to figure it out from some of the kids that are in here. This place is super fun and I am getting super good at gospel Spanish. That pretty much means I can talk about anything in the lessons that we teach and talk about Jesus and Joseph Smith, but I literally can not understand anything else. 

Last week i was helping an old grandpa on the temple grounds walk up these stairs and I did not understand one thing that he said other than ´´usted no intende´´. haha which means ´´you dont understand me´ basically he walked about negative 5 miles an hour. so it took like 10 minutes to walk up 20 stairs. Super sad but I guess he is going to the temple so he can be clean before he goes to spirit paradise.
There is a kid in here and his name is Elder Herde, the kid literally cant tie his own shoe. Like seriously he has been here for 3 and a half weeks and doesnt know how to read in Spanish or even say how are you. It'svsad but he is like in love with this hermana and her name is hermana Droke. she is super nice, and she wants me, but like I'm on a mission so that can't happen!! But this kid named Elder Rice cut a little piece of her hair off and gave it to elder Herde and he loves that little clump of hair. Right once he got it he sniffed it and sniffed it. hahaha So we ripped some of Herde´s hair out and he walked over and gave it to her and then ran back. It literally was one of the funniest things that I have ever seen. 

I have made some pretty good friends here. W have made up like 10 different games since we got here. Everyone in the class gives their testimonies about how the gift of tounges has helped their testimony grow. I believe in the gift of tongues too, because I can speak pretty well now. I'm not as good as everyone because I cant seem to figure out how I need to put a sentence together because for some reason some sentences are backwards and some are normal like in english. I hate how it is like that. I'll figure it out!  

We play so much soccer here in the CCM like we play for an hour no matter what everyday. And anytime a latino comes we all just try and stop because for some reason latinos think that it is like against the law to pass the ball to a white person and it makes everyone so mad. I'll be wide open every time and I could have a good chance to score. but they just try to get past a group of 5 people. 

Well, are you all ready for General Confrence so that we can watch some of the best people in the world. this is the first time that I have ever been excited to watch a saturday session of conference and I literally am counting down the hours! Maybe it's  because I hate hating class all day everyday but Wednesday and Sunday. 

Oh I forgot to say earlier that we had to teach some investigators.  They were my teacher's friends but one person was actually an investigator, and there was a kid that was about to go on a mission and he was telling me and my comp how to teach the lesson and I wanted to throw a chair at him, because he didnt know what he was talking about!! 

Well time has come to an end and there is nothing more to write about. Love you  all! goodbye. oh and my comp is the wierdest kid in the world. but he is super funny! See ya next week!

Elder Christensen

Elder Ramirez and Christensen (Skyline & Alta Baseball!!)

Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru Temple

Lima, Peru Temple

A grocery store in Lima. Luke was a little freaked out that they don't keep their eggs in the refrigerator, they are just kept on a shelf!


Luke has become a soccer lover and has gone on a jersey shopping spree!

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