Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm the Boogeyman!! or a Pishtaco!!

Well this has been a crazy week!! I keep thinking that I don't really like Carhuamayo, but then I realize all the blessings that I'm seeing. Every week I feel like I learn more and more. I feel like I learn more in a week here than I have my whole life! It's pretty crazy here in Carhuamayo!  Sometimes it is hard not to get cocky about my Spanish haha! I get thinking I'm so good at it, and then I realize that I don't really know it that great. But, I do have to speak it all day and when I don't know a word I have to try and work my way around what I'm trying to say. It is hard!! 

I do think that I have finally gotten to the President of the branch here in Carhuamayo. He has seriously changed for the better in a short time. He shows up to church 20 minutes early, and helps prepare everything! We actually are starting church on time now! and yesterday we had ward council!!! The third time in a year! and he stayed with us all day and went with us to teach lessons! He really is turning into a good guy! 

I will Skype on Christmas day from Cerro. I think they will have good internet there, better than in Carhuamayo. But, I will buy some calling cards just in case the internet is too slow, or it just doesn't work from this primitive place! Cerro does have better internet and actually has web cams. My pensionista has a computer with a camera, but they don't have internet. I will give her your email and she can email you, and then Nick can translate the message. Also, I was reading through my letters, looking for advice during this past week. I was reading Kolt's letter to me, and he told me to read D&C 4 again. And so I did, and I love verse 2! It made me want to go out and work hard. So you know what I did?  I went out and we found a new investigator and the kid wants to be baptised now! His name is Brad. He is a cool kid, the only problem is that it is hard to find him because in Peru they have school everyday, but Summer break for school is coming soon!

I do know that this is the hardest, but best time of my life. And I am really liking it! It is hard to deal with my comp, but I am learning patience and I'm getting good at it with him, yes, I know it's something I've needed to work on, I'm having my chance now! He isn't obedient and he has a toooooonnnn of pride! He's also a little selfish, but I'm learning so much every day that I'm with him. And, it's ok, because I only have 4 more weeks in Carhuamayo and then I'm going to the Jungle, and I'm going to get warm again. Yeah, I know, I'm dreaming and wishing, but hey, maybe!!! Yeah, I really do want to go to the Jungle. Every Elder usually gets to go to the Jungle after being in Carhuamayo, or a good, WARM, area in Huanuco! Huanuco is way cool! But the Jungle sounds better, and warmer!
It finally stopped raining in the Region of Cerro de Pasco. It literally rained for 2 weeks straight. It was so depressing, but yesterday all day it was warm and I was in a short sleeve shirt all day!! It was the best! It is summer here!???

Ok, now on to the funny parts of the week. So we have this less active member that is progressing. So, we go and teach him like everyday or every other day, and seriously, he thinks that I am a Pishtaco! (go and look this up they are some crazy people)  But, in the middle of the lessons he looks to my comp and says, "what does the pishtaco have to say about this?" It is pretty funny, and it really kills the spirit, and then he just dies laughing when he says it! He thinks he is so funny!! Actually, it is so funny! He had an accident a few years ago, and now his mind is like scrambled eggs. That is how the President of the branch explained it. He really is classic! I'll send a pic of him. Well, I am the only missionary I feel like that has their package for Christmas. I'm feeling pretty lucky! It's all because of the mail strike in Peru right now, bad timing!  Well, and that was my week love you all and bye!!!!!!

Elder Christensen

I looked up "pishtaco"!! It's pretty funny!!!

A pishtaco is a mythological boogeyman figure in the Andes region of South American, particularly in Peru and Bolivia. According to folklore, a pishtaco is an evil monster-like man, often a stranger and often a white man, who seeks out unsuspecting Indians to kill them and abuse them. The legend dates back to the Spanish conquest of South America. Primarily, this has been stealing their body fat for various cannibalistic purposes, or cutting them up and selling their flesh as fried chicharrones. Pishtaco derives from the local Quechua language word "pishtay" which means to behead, cut throat, or cut into slices.

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