Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Feliz Navidad!!

Hey Everyone and Feliz Navidad!

Sorry I was tardy on my email. We are in Huanuco again for a multi zone Christmas thing. I want to come here to Huanuco to serve so bad! I love it here! 

This week has been really hard. I've had such a tough time with my comp. He whines about EVERYTHING, he's super cocky and selfish. But this week, we helped each other, both in different ways. I have helped him to become more humble and he has been better at working on the other things too. Carhuamayo is such a hard place to be. I really am so ready to get out of Carhuamayo, but I'll be here until the Lord needs me somewhere else. I just have to keep telling myself I can do it here, it's hard but it will make me into the missionary I need to be. My comp actually helped me this week too. He did more for me this week than anyone, other than Nick, Kass, Kolt and Cory and their examples that they have shared with me from their missions they served. I know they've been in similar situations while on their missions, they understand, and I trust their advice. Again, I broke this week, I swear I've been super emotional since I've been here, maybe it's the spirit working on me and breaking me down! But, we were in a lesson and the guy we were teaching could have been the first baptism here in Carhuamayo in a year! I was so excited, but he felt like he could not accept the baptismal date that we gave him. I felt like this just ripped me apart, we had worked so hard with him, and I was so excited for him to become a member of this church and this gospel. Later that night I started thinking, then I felt like maybe I didn't have a testimony, I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, why was I feeling so down about this.  My comp sat me down and asked what was wrong. He then said some things to me that will change me forever, he told me that only the strongest are sent here to Carhuamayo. He said, "this place is a place for growing and establishing your own strong testimony." He then said, "I have never met anyone that didn't have a testimony that would cry for some other person's salvation!" I then realized that through the whole conversation I understood every single word that he said so clear, just as if he had said it in English! It was like I had to hear his words and Heavenly Father gave me the Gift of Tongues for that moment so that I would know why I am here. The Holy Ghost, for that brief moment, helped me with what I needed. I know this gospel was put here on this earth for us, to help us to be happy. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true! We are so blessed to be members of His church, and to have true happiness in our lives! He lives and he loves us!! I have been loving life now and I am more confident in all I do. I now realized that I love the Lord so much, my testimony will forever be growing, and I too am trying to have a better attitude about the mission and Carhuamayo. 

This week we went to Cerro de Pasco everday. I am in Huanuco chilling with Elder Leonard. He's a cool funny, tall, skinny guy. Also, this week the zone leaders came to Carhuamayo and we had a good time with them, they are such great guys and great Elders. We chilled, ate some good chocolate cake and drank mate'. We talked about all the crazy things that have to do with the tribes of Israel. We talked about things back home, video games and funny movies. Well that was my week and No I will not have any pictures because this computer's USB port doesn't work! Sorry!!

Merry Christmas to everyone! and family I can't wait to see you all on Skype on Friday!!!

Elder Christensen

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