Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Turkey???

Hey que tal everybody. 

Well me and my comp are getting along and we have had a good week! I broke down and cried super hard because I guess because I am a wimp jk! but I realized I really wasn't being humble. I never wanted to learn and study with my comp. I just liked to be alone before, but now he has helped me out so much. I really am so glad that Presidente Henderson put me here to learn. I really think there is a reason. 

We had a great week teaching and we actually had another investigator that me and Bullock found and he came to church! Really, that's crazy for Carhuarmayo. We also had the first rescue last night in 6 months! and, we should have another one later tonight and probably next week!! We couldn't find one of our investigators, he is a little nuts and thinks he needs to end his life, so we are trying to find him and show him Alma 34:32, so he can think about his life. The lesson that Elder Bullock and I taught him and his son was the most spiritual experience of my life. I really feel like he needs us. He needs our help so much!! 

We are finally starting to get callings in the branch. We have been pestering the President of the Branch a lot to just make callings, and some other things like home teaching assignments. I'm really not sure he should be in the presidency. I don't even think he believes the church is true. We mostly make him do all the things he does. 

Let's get onto the good topic. So, for Thanksgiving our pench tried to create an "American" Thanksgiving dinner. We had french fries with some rice and some kind of meat that our pench called "turkey" haha. It was not good meat!!!! But, then right after lunch we went and set up her Christmas tree for her. I didn't get a pic of all of them, but I did get a funny one of her husband haha!! He is so funny and crazy!  The last thing, so we got a free papaya from one of our investigators haha weird I know, but we took it back to our pench's house and when we got there everyone was so drunk they couldn't even walk! Well, everyone except our pench and her husband!  Everyone was being so crazy, it was her sons and all of her family, so there were like 15 people just hammered! They couldn't walk and just wanted to argue with us about the Bible and some things they say make no sense about the LDS church! They said that Jesus was trying to judge the bible?? haha crazy people! We handled them fine!! 

So that was pretty much my week. I love you all and want to thank you for the support. I am about to go and see the only tourist attraction in all of Cerro de Pasco called Huayllay. (The Huayllay is a rock forest and is a major tourist attraction in Peru, for both hiking and sightseeing. It is also an international destination for rock climbers, Nick you'd love it!) It looks cool! Guess I'll have to see what happens. Oh, and last p-day we made the best hamburgers that I have had in months. I would about give my left hand for another one! (burgers are a rare thing in Peru)! I love you and be SAFE! 

Elder Christensen, Elder Bullock, Fernandez and Baca out for a Mango Smoothie!

This is Luke's planner on Thanksgiving Day. He said, "sorry if I forgot anyone... I'm so thankful for you all!"
Then he came back and said "Oh!!! I forgot Staci, Jan, and their family..."

This is Marcelino. He is the husband to Luke and Elder Bullock's Pensionista. 
Looks like the kitchen in the background!

This is the Christmas tree that they set up at the Pensionista's house!
I love the colorful paint in their homes!
Luke also said, "I cut my own hair, and the left side is shorter than the right side! It looks pretty funny, but I guess that's ok!"

Luke, standing on the stairs at the back of their house in his new hat and poncho! 
A true Peruvian!

This is Huayllay not far from where Luke is serving. 
It is a "Rock Forest". It is a rock climbers paradise!

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