Monday, November 16, 2015

New Investigators!!!!

Hey there what's happening! 

So last week we were in Huanuco and that place is so freaking awesome! I want to serve there so bad. So I have had a lot of things happen this week but not too crazy. We got to stay with Elder Horsely from Pleasant Grove and Elder Harron from Nevada and my comp from the CCM and his comp, and then the last night Elder Albrect and his comp stayed with us too, and that was so freaking fun. Man, it is so nice to be able to talk about something or people that another person knows about!! 

So yeah, this week was the best week in Carhuarmayo ever!  We found 3 NEW INVESTIGATORS! haha That sounds like garbage, but we haven't really even had a new investigator since I got here. We are teaching people who have potential to be baptized! It is so cool to see something happen for once. I can't wait to keep working with them and see what we can teach them!

Also, this week I have been really humbled. I had a really bad attitude before, and I was reading in the Missionary Pocket Reference book that you got me from Deseret Book or somewhere? and I literally read a section on pride, probably because I really needed it! And I read some scriptures on pride and some about being humble, and I have been humbled more than ever after reading and studying about it. I really know and I now have the strongest testimony of Prophets, especially Joseph Smith. My testimony is so much stronger of Jesus Christ our Savior too. I almost started to cry in a lesson we were teaching because I felt the spirit testify so strong, it was crazy, and amazing. I know it's true! Every bit of this gospel.

My Spanish is coming along I think, haha. I have been working hard and the same with my comp. I don't know for sure if Elder Bullock with be here in Carhuamayo next transfer, but he seriously has taught me so much about how to become a better missionary. Before I only wanted to learn by myself and we didn't have a good relationship. But now I think I am learning a lot about the language and also the gospel lessons. I really do need some prayers though from everyone. This is the hardest thing that I have ever done, and I go to my knees in prayer probably 10 times before lunch, and through the day I'm sure I probably pray 20 + times. It really is so awesome to be able to talk to Heavenly Father and ask for help and guidance. 

My pensionista is crazy though haha!!! I love her! She and her husband have a little baby cat and a little dog probably about 3 or 4 months old, and one day the dog was beating up on the brand new baby cat and my pench's husband grabbed the dog and threw him haha it was kinda funny. I don't have any pics of my pench sorry, but next week I will send some. We are super close to getting a few reactivations it's super cool. Pray for us! Well I'll write next week. Chau!

Elder Christensen

The Church in Carhuamayo

The backyard and the back view of Luke's house and the bathroom, which is not connected to the house, but it does have hot water which none of the other missionaries in this area have!

Luke's house with a moto taxi in the background
Moto taxi's are a main form of transportation in Peru.
It is a motorcycle with a "buggy" attached to the back of it. It can fit 2-3 people.

A street in Carhuamayo, Peru

District Halloween Party
They played soccer in their costumes!
Luke said it was a fun activity!

A cemetery in Carhuamayo

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