Monday, September 19, 2016

I'm Gonna Love it Here in Chilca!

Hey there people!

So this week was slow during the week (oh my gosh, it was so slow!) But now that I think of it, it feels like I have been here in Chilca for only like a few hours!

But, I want to start out and say.... crazy cousin Kolt King! What the heck! Breaking your leg!! You've joined my cool club! Plates, pins and screws in your body are awesome! Send me a picture!!
This week was great! I really don't have much to say, because nothing really actually happened, other than just normal crazy Peruvians that I love! haha But really, my complaint this week is that I am really so sick of the ladies here just thinking it is ok to breast feed anywhere they go, really just anywhere in general! Yesterday in church some lady was breastfeeding her baby while she was saying the final prayer in Sacrament Meeting!! Why?? Enough of that! 

So this week we have been working super hard, and I have been studying super hard also. I have learned a ton this week, I feel like. First off, we literally leave our apartment at like 10:30 a.m. and get back at 9:30 at night. So we literally are working all day long. I really think I'm going to like it here in Chilca. Chilca is a Province of Huancayo. So it's going to be good to be in the city. I really like the ward here in Chilca. We have received like 8 references this week!! Really! It just feels amazing!! In my other areas I never or rarely received references. This ward is cool!! There are like 200 to 230 people in attendance!! It's just the best! Feels like I'm home! My pencion is la Mama Pachis, I love her too, she made me Mac and Cheese!!! My new comps name is Elder Cabrera and he is from Bolivia. He has been in the mission about 5 months. 

We had a super sweet lesson with this less active man and his wife. His wife has been an investigator for like 4 years. haha!!!! But they never wanted to get married. Which is really common here in Peru! No one gets married! So, we had a super sweet lesson with them. I felt the spirit so strong as we were teaching them and the spirit was guiding us word for word. That is the best feeling to know that it's the spirit doing the talking! My comp and I felt great about the lesson, and the spirit was so strong in their home, and then we asked them if and when they would get married. After all these years ..... they ACCEPTED TO GET MARRIED. They didn't put an exact date for the marriage, but I knew right then that the spirit talked to their hearts and changed their minds.The spirit is an amazing thing. I'm so grateful to have it with me always. Later that night we went to a Family Home Evening at the family Quispe. It was a great day! These two things made my week! And the spirit testified to me once again, that IT IS TRUE.

I have to go, hopefully the next week is a little more exciting! I love you all!

Elder Christensen

la Mama Pachis

Shanara (11 years old) an investigator

Back left - Joey a member and  (Right) Luke's companion Elder Cabrera

Chilca, Huancayo Peru

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