Monday, September 26, 2016

So Many Things I've Taken for Granted


Hola everybody! How are you? Conference, Conference, Conference, Conference, I'm so stoked for Conference... Can't wait until Saturday!

So this week we have been working hard. We had a super sweet p-day with the whole district on Monday and we went to some random museum on the edge of our area. I am not going to lie, I really liked the museum a lot! But, I am serious, I have never seen so many depressing things in one building. The museum told about the history of Peru... all the people that died in the Spanish Conquest and other things, and also what happened with all of the terrorist attacks around Huancayo. (In the early 1980's there was a lot of internal conflict between the government of Peru and a terrorist organization called "The Shining Path". The Shining Path is an armed wing of the Communist Party of Peru. The Shining Path provides security for drug trafficking gangs, and they are very dangerous. They originated in the providence of Junin which is where Huancayo is.)  I am telling you, it was interesting, but if you aren't happy as can be before you enter you will leave super depressed!!!

As of lessons this week and all the other stuff, we have this super cool new investigator that we found this week named Jose Luis. This guy lives like 45 minutes away, by car, and comes to church. It is so cool! We found him last Sunday when he came to church. So this week we traveled to his house two times. He lives in this place called Pampa Cruz, but we only made it out to this little village called Cullhuas (kweewass) He's such a great guy! We've been teaching him and getting to know him and .... he has a baptismal date! I'm so excited for him!

Also we had a really neat experience and a super cool lesson with a crazy lady named Janina. She beats her children. Seriously! We were with her children also. She is an investigator as of like a few months ago. Before the lesson we didn't know that she was hitting her kids all the time, but during the lesson the spirit urged me to call her out, and ask her why she beats her kids. She answered and said that it is because they do dumb and crazy things and they aren't good kids. I was prompted to tell her about my mom (Wendi). I told her that I wasn't always the greatest kid either, and that I did things wrong sometimes too, but my mom never beat me, she just used those times to teach me, and somehow my mom just dealt with me. The SPIRIT was so strong, and it seriously touched her heart, and right then she promised me that she would never lay a hand on her children again, unless it was to hug them. My comp asked her son Joseph who is 15, what it was that his mom needed the change. I started to tear up, all of the kids were bawling and the mom was crying too. We also had a member with us who was tearing up also. It was so sad to think what she had been doing to her children. Then my comp told them to all hug and make everything better. Really, I don't think I have ever felt the spirit like that in a lesson. I loved it! It really made me appreciate what I have in my life, my family, my mom and my dad. So many things that I took for granted, that are real blessings.

That was my week. I miss you all. Oh, one more thing... on Wednesday I found the most beautiful puppy in the world! I had the urge to steal it, but I didn't.      

love you all,
Elder Christensen

Luke behind a water splashed window.
It's cold in Huancayo, but it's Spring and
Summer is on it's way.
But at 11,000 feet it's never really warm!

The puppy that I wanted to steal... but didn't! 

Beautiful hillside in Hauncayo

Joe (left) and Jeon Carlos (right)
Both recent converts as of a few months ago

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