Monday, October 3, 2016

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Makes Us Glow

Well hello everyone! 

It twas a crazy, yet an amazing week. So this week the crazy Elders from Pampas (little town an hour outside of Huancayo) stayed with us from Sunday until Tuesday.
It was so fun! We just played card games and lots of other great games! Then we played volleyball the next day because we had a Zone P-day. The Elders from Huancavelica came also, and Elder Walker from my group that I went into the mission with was there. It was so funI
But let's get to the important stuff. So to start off, on Tuesday we went to Cullhuas, and had a super cool lesson with Jose Luis. He told us how he knows that the church is true, and he loved everything about it. His teacher was acompanying us to the appointment. We sat in a little pavilion to teach him. His teacher said that when she walked into class on Monday that Jose was there with all of the other kids his age (he is 17 years old) and she was looking at Jose and the other students. She said, "but, Jose was different from the others that day, Jose was glowing, and the others weren't". She said that she was "starstruck" because he looked so different. She didn't know why because he was wearing the same clothes and he hadn't cut his hair, really nothing was different except that he seemed to glow. She also said that Jose wouldn't say the Lord's Prayer in school that day. (Matthew 6:7,8,9,10,11) I do believe. Jose then told us that he had received an answer from God. That he had been reading the Book of Mormon on Sunday night, and that he felt so happy while he was reading it, that he just couldn't stop reading. He finally put the book down to do his homework, and he was still just so happy. He said that happiness hadn't left him since that day. His teacher noticed the difference in his countenance after he received his answer, and she wanted to know why he looked so different!

On Wednesday we had a sweet lesson with Chris and Gerald( they are both women) and Jon Carlos (a recent convert) was with us. We taught them the lesson and we all felt the spirit so strong that they both started crying. It was an amazing lesson, one I will always remember because of the strength of the spirit that was there. I hope they continue to progress.

Then came Thursday. A crazy day! At 11:00 a.m. we left our room to go proselyte. Within the first 2 minutes a drunk man started talking to us. He wanted us to talk to his friends so he took us to them. They were all in shock that I was white, with blonde hair and blue eyes!!! They don't see many fair Americans I guess! So, they invite us in to drink some Inca Cola, and while I'm drinking my drink one of the drunks says to me, "hey, look at this chick"! I start laughing while his mouth opens, and then the one guy says, "are you gay Elder?" I then explained to them that I'm not gay!!! haha Then they all say that they have a friend who is, and that he is a 60 year old gay virgin. Then they laugh at him, and then the friend that they were making fun of looked at me and said, "oh your eyes are so beautiful!" haha!!!!! We left then!!! Then 20 minutes later as we're walking another drunk talked to us (yes, there are a lot of drunk people on the streets of Huancayo) and he looked like a zombie! Well, the first thing he said to me was "Oh, you are a beautiful gringo"!!! hahaha! I just ran away!! Such a weird experience!

Later that day we went to Cullhuas and had a lesson with some people there. Then on the way to the top we were threatened by some old lady that said, "if you aren't out of the town by 5:00 we will kill you, pishtaco". Remember last time I got called a "pishtaco"!! (According to folklore, a pishtaco is an evil monster-like man, often a stranger and often a white man who seeks out unsuspecting Indians to kill them and abuse them in many ways. The legend dates back to the Spanish Conquest in Peru. Pishtaco derives from the local Peruvian Quechuan language word "pishtay" which mean to "behead, cut the throat, or cut into slices"). Yes! I was kind of scared because in these little towns here they're literally killing unknown people in their towns after 5:00!

Conference was amazing!!! I loved Robert D. Hales' talk when he said that someday, he will go to live with God and with his wife in the eternal life. He's an amazing man and will no doubt be a God. I also loved Henry B. Eyring's talk about the Priesthood and how anyone who holds the Melchizedek Preisthood has the same exact Priesthood power as the apostles and the Prophet. The only thing different is the title.  Also, It was so powerful when Elder Rasband said, NEVER FORGET, QUESTION, OR IGNORE A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. These men are men of God, called to preach his word here on the earth! Their words are true! I really loved General Conference and can't wait until April to hear their words again! 

I love you all and I hope you understand my writing. I don't speak the greatest English anymore. (It's true.... I had to translate and fix a few things!)
Love you all,
Elder Christensen

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