Monday, October 31, 2016

A Change of Plans ...

Hey there peeps!

Well, I was thinking very hard this week, and it came to my mind that I surely do hope that my mom edits these emails, or at least does a spell check!!

So, this week was a drastic change. To start off, I did absolutely nothing this last Monday for P-day. I was sitting with E Viñola at my pench's all day long. (E´Viñola is in a place called Pampas) He's not my comp, but we were together until Wednesday because we both went to go and pick up our new missionaries. Tuesday was super sweet, we worked super hard, and had a wonderful day, and when the day was over we bought a pizza and a 3 Liter Inka Kola. So, Wednesday we went to the mission office to pic up our "kids", but when we showed up at the office, President pulled me aside, he said, "E´Christensen we have a problem, and I just want you to know that by doing this means that I have complete confidence in you. Well, an Elder went home, one of the new ones, and I was wondering if you would be willing to sit this one out.?" So, I said "of course President, remember I will go and I will do the things the Lord commands." But of course, I said it in Spanish jaja! So yeah, the moral of the story is, that my comp went home and now I'm alone again! Well, actually these days I am hanging out with the President's Assistants. We are having a great time and we are working super hard. I have been able to sit it on the meetings that President has with the Assistants and visit other areas. I think it's going to be an awesome transfer after all!
This week I have felt a deep love from some one. It's not someone from this planet. I have felt the pure love of Christ and God toward me. It's really hard to not have an actual comp. This is my 3rd transfer that I don't have a companion. But I feel like the Lord is truly blessing me so much. There was not one second this week that I didn't feel like the spirit was guiding my words and/or actions. In fact, we have found so many people that are less active and also so many super, super, super cool investigators. There were also moments when we would first meet someone and contact them, they would ask us to visit them and some really asked if they could come to church, and get baptized. In my mission I really have noticed the power of this gospel and the power that God gives to us as men of God. (Women, don't be sad that you don't have the Priesthood. Remember that you as women have more power than us, and a higher calling in this life.)
I also recently heard a story of a young man that passed away.  When I heard the story on how he passed away I was just so sad. But then as I think about it, he is with his other loved ones, he is not dead forever, he will live again because of our Savior. I want you to all think of what the Prophet Thomas S. Monson spoke about in the last general conference. "The Plan of Salvation" Adam and Eve ate the fruit to complete a higher law. This higher law allowed them to have children, multiply and replenish the earth. This higher law also allows us, if we live according to the gospel, to return to live with God again. But the important thing is that we can live forever side by side with our families! We all just need to put our confidence in God. Use the Atonement to strive toward perfection, and learn more about the everlasting life that has been given to us.
I have to go, but today I just really wanted to bare my testimony of the things that I know are true and are important to me. Maybe some of you need to dust off your testimony. Has it been hidden for a while? I love you all!

Elder Christensen

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