Monday, October 17, 2016

The Field is White and Ready to Harvest ...

Hey there family and friends!! 

Well this might be a short letter because the keyboard I am using is really awful. So if you don´t understand something that I write, just know I did my best. jajaja 
Well t'was a great week!!! A very great week indeed!! First of all, it started off awful. Actually it wasn't that great until Saturday. That is if we were counting the amount of lessons we taught, but the lessons we had were super great. We had like 9 lessons during the week because for some reason everyone was hating on us. I had fun with my comp during those days, Elder Cabrera is great, and we continued to work hard. And then came Saturday and Sunday and we had 11 lessons in those two day!!! Yes!

To start off, we played some sweet games of soccer with the ward on Monday. I felt like Messi, but I sure didn't look like him, I just looked like Luke! haha And then, like I said, we didn't really have anything going for us until Saturday. We don't ever stop working it is just super slow sometimes. We did do a bunch of mini services. We had to hurry and cut grass with a sycle for some lady, because some dude was going to destroy all of her grass to feed the Guinea Pigs!! haha You know Guinea Pigs are a delicacy here in Peru, they are called Cuy! I have some pics I'll send of me cutting with the sycle, and I thought a lawn mower was hard to use! Everyone was calling me a pishtaco. (not fish tacos, I would like one of those though) but a pishtaco! I've talked about this before, but a pishtaco is a "gringo" that harvests living people's organs in Perú. Everyone says that they exist, but they don't really. Just an old Peruvian legend of the mountain people! But, everyone in like the whole town thought I was one of them, so I had to skeedaddle. 

The Sycle used to cut the grass

Friday we talked to a young man, David, about going on a mission. His whole family is trying to convince him not to go!! I felt a strong impression to show him Alma 26:19-22. He started to cry and he told us about everything that is happening and how he feels like he needs to go, but Satan, and his family, are working way too hard on him. He said that he is going to quit his job so that he can be with the missionaries full time until he leaves to go on his mission. He has basically grown up alone his whole life. His dad lives about 8 hours away from him, his mom died when he was three, and his sister lives in Lima. So he is with his aunt and uncle and cousins right now. He knows his mom would really want him to go and serve the Lord. I sure hope that he gets out on a mission so that he can make his mom proud. I never struggled with that decision, and I didn't have opposition, but I can imagine how hard it would be. My mission is the best thing I've ever done, and I know that David would feel the same. I know that there is life after this life, and that we can live with our family again. I'm grateful for the temple and for the sealing powers that bless us with that. No one will ever change my mind. I love you all, and miss you all. 😘

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen (back left) and his District
He is the District Leader

Elder Christensen with his new Peruvian sweater
drinking something warm and eating Panetone.
It's almost Summer in Peru, but in Huancayo at 11,000 ft
it will be cool, or cold, all Summer long!
It's a very rainy season in the mountains.

Stopping to take a break

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