Monday, October 10, 2016

A Miracle!


Well hello everyone! I hope that it was a super great week on your half of the world! So this week wasn't as entertaining as last week, actually I don't really have anything to say, other than this week was a pretty tough one. 

So on Monday we got to leave our zone! My comp and I went and bought sweaters, and some ties. And I didn't really take many pictures this week either. 

So these sweet sweaters that I bought are so comfortable! I should have taken a picture of me in the sweater. We also went to this place called La Fabrica (the factory) I bought 3 ties for 22.50 Soles, that is like 6.00 dollars. So now I basically feel like I just robbed them.  

The rest of the week we basically did divisions with members the whole week. The member I was with and I worked super hard and we were finding investigators and less actives. But then my comp and the member he was with just walked around for like 6 hours everyday. haha!! His week was super slow, while my week was so fast, that's what working hard does for you! That is, until Friday, on Friday literally not one person wanted to talk to us. First, no one wanted to help us out. No members would help us, and no one wanted to talk to us. We only had like 3 lessons in 2 days and about 25 contacts, and like 5 people banned us from ever talking to them again! haha So we were feeling a little down and needing some help. Then came Sunday...
Sunday, yesterday, was so much better. Actually it was a great Sunday! And after the hard work of the week, we saw the miracle! We had church attendance increase by 40 people. There were so many people in Sacrament meeting that the chapel was overflowing! We had 25 less active members attend! Seriously, literally my comp and I were about in tears. It was a super amazing day. It strengthened my testimony of fasting and prayer. I really do know that fasting and prayer helps to humble us so that we can listen to the Holy Ghost and find answers, and receive help. I know that if we fast correctly, and pray to our Father we will always be answered. But, remember, we may be answered in ways that we aren't expecting. Sometimes we receive answers that aren't what we want, but they are the will of the Lord. The way the Lord answered our fasting and prayer was truly a miracle. To have so many people be in attendance on Sunday shows that there is so much work to do, and we need to get to it! 

That was basically my week. It was pretty boring, other than Sunday. I didn't even get to talk to one drunk person. haha!! I like talking to them just because they say the mose outragous things. haha!! Just like last week. 

Well I miss you all and I love you all. Have a great week, and GO TO CHURCH! REALLY, THERE ARE A LOT OF BLESSINGS WAITING!

Elder Christensen

Bistek a lo pobre
Chicken, Fried Bananas, French Fries and Rice
Luke's Favorite Dish

A Rainbow around the Sun

The Room Elder Cabrera and Luke live in

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