Monday, April 10, 2017

Changes Mean Change

Hey everyone! 

I really have absolutely nothing to write about this week. Most of my week was consumed with going to Huancayo for Zone Leader meeting and training. For our p-day we played soccer... the Americans vs. the Latins, and President was on the Latin side, of course! It was a tough fought game. We wanted to beat them so bad and show them who dominates! haha They scored, then Elder Moss scored a goal making it 1-1, then I scored a goal making it 2-1, then President scored 2-2, and then Crosland scored the last goal 3-2 and we won!!! President is so competitive!! He was so flaming angry that they lost!! He just hurried and left so we couldn't see how mad he was! haha 

We had a great meeting on Tuesday and talked about being accountable and being good leaders in the mission and how that carries throughout our life. It was great, as it always is. I love listening to President. I respect him and his words so much. President answered a question for me that I have had for a long time. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and studying. I asked him, "Does God know everything about us, does he know every move we will make, every little thing that we will do?" I loved President's answer. He said, "No, he does not know every little thing that you will do. He does not plan our lives out for us. He knows our destiny, and he knows US, He trusts us and knows us well enough to know if we will make good choices or bad choices, He knows what we are capable of, He knows our weaknesses and He knows our strengths, He knows our thoughts. But if he had planned every moment of our lives there would be no need for agency, and agency is important for us to learn and grow." I've thought so much lately about fasting and prayer, and this question. I know now that we fast for ourselves, to strengthen ourselves and humble ourselves.  Prayer and fasting create a relationship between us and God that strengthens us in many ways. We learn to rely on the spirit when we fast and pray for guidance. I love the knowledge that President has and that he's so willing to share with us. He's such a great man!

 Elder Ramirez and Elder Christensen
 Elder Walker, Elder Crosland and Elder Christensen

That night the Zone Leaders from Huanuco went to FHE at President's house with his family. It was really fun and good to get to know his family more. We played a game where one person hides a ring somewhere in the house and then everyone else has to try to find it! Man! President is one competitive guy!! He doesn't stop until he's found it and wins! It was a great evening, and President always makes it so spiritual, and we learn so much. 

It was a great trip to Huancayo, but took up half our week so we didn't get much accomplished here. We do have a few people who are nearing baptism and I'm excited for that! But, I'm pretty sad that I won't be here to see it happen. I'll be packing my bags and moving across Huanuco to an area called Tarapaca. It's been closed for a while and I will be reopening this area. I will also be training a new missionary here.

So, tonight I will be getting on a bus and heading back to Huancayo to pick up my new companion. It's going to be a very interesting. I'm really pretty sad to leave my area, and to leave Elder Crosland. We've done some great things together. But, I have a good attitude and know that good things always await us in a new area. I'm also a little sad to leave right before my birthday (Saturday). Elder Moss will be my new Zone Leader, so I'll probably go spend my birthday evening with him celebrating. Thanks to everyone who emailed me for my birthday! It was great to get so many emails. 

Also, I'm pretty sad about this ... I heard that Curtis Fellows who is a decently close friend, passed away this past weekend. Josh said he talked to him at the Pepperwood gate right before. Everyone pray for his family, it's so hard to lose someone. I'll be seeing you all very soon! And, thanks again to everyone for the early birthday wishes. 

Love you all! Bye!
Elder Christensen
 Luke, sad to be leaving his area
 Luke with his new "nerdy" reading glasses

 Elder Crosland and Luke eating plantains
Elder Christensen and Elder Crosland companions and best buddies
with Huanuco in the background

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