Monday, April 24, 2017

A Long, Tough Week .... Full of Lots of Great Stuff!

Hey there pople of the great States....

How in the heck are you all!!  It truly has been a great week. It's been kinda long and kinda tough, but then aren't the hardest weeks the greatest weeks.
So we started out just literally sleeping all of last p-day because the whole week before I was just dead, and then I got to Monday and I was even more tired. But then around 2 o`clock when I have the chance to sleep, I couldn't sleep! Jaja I was like What the heck! I thought about talking some Melatonin so that I could fall asleep, but didn't. So I got minimal sleep on Monday. Really, I can't wait to just sleep for as long as my body wants to.... but not for a few more months! 

This week was like a man was ripping and tearing at our hearts, like a man who can't accept that we are going to save souls. Turns out that the man is real and his name is Satan. The One and Only!!  The man that makes us sad when we should be most happy. It's been a little bit of a tough week, but nothing we can't work through. Satan is really there and he works on us like no other. He doesn't want us to be here, but we're here and we're here to work and bring people to Christ. So he should just get used to it! 

So I'll talk about the good stuff! We started off with a grade A lesson to begin the week. We found a young man name is Brandon. Brandon has had way too many problems throughout his life. He has done many things of which are confidential.  But, the fact is, he is the most sincere 17 year old that I have ever met.  This kid wants to change his life so much, he just doesn't have any good influences in his house or his life, and he said if he gets baptised his aunt will stop paying for his schooling. So, he's in a really hard place and he doesn't really know what to do. We are praying for and expecting a miracle in the next week or two. God needs to show him what`s up!! and help this kid out with a miracle.  We had Stake Conference here this past Sunday and I really couldn't believe it... we forgot to call and remind him to come, but...he showed up to stake conference and listened to President Silva and the visiting Seventy speak and he loooooooooved what they said and what this gospel has to offer!
President has been in Huanuco almost all week long. He came here on Thursday and gave a sweet training. I think it was one of his best trainings yet! I have loved every training I've ever been in with him. The teaching and counsel he gives us is amazing. The training this time was a huge call to repentance for all of us!  But everybody left saying Wow! And yes, I have a lot of things I need to do better on, and work on being 100% obedient... like I'm not supposed to email or chat back and forth with all of you on Mondays. I guess I missed that somewhere cause I didn't know that. So sorry.. no more of that! Really, President Gave one of the best talks that I have ever heard him give. I know for a fact that he is a man called of God to lead this mission. 

The next few days were some crazy days I was deathly sick on Saturday, but I had to go to do interviews with President. I drug myself there and I had an amazing interview with him. I'm not going to lie, he told me so many things that were just plain awesome! I love talking to him! He told me why I was transferred here to Tarapaca, and how the changes all happened and my change came to him later. It was pretty sweet. I loved it!  He also made me a promise.... he promised me that I will have to opportunity to finish my mission in CERRO DE PASCO!! How sweet right. I started there, and I didn't like it, and I feel like I need to go back there and accomplish something there. I don't know why but I just really feel the need to return there and work hard. Maybe I have to prove something to myself, I don't know!

Well Milton and Biliana are going to be married on May 5th!!! And... Biliana is going to be baptized on May 6th!! If you'll remember Milton is a returned missionary and already a member. President gave me permission to go to the baptism! I'm so excited for them. All of the promises that I was so prompted to give them are coming true. I'm so happy for them!

Well, that's pretty much it! And yes, I know that I spelled people wrong at the beginning... I'm just testing you, and I just wanted to see how many critics are out there. haha!! 

Heading into another week of the greatest work. I love it! I love this gospel and I know I'm here in Huanuco Peru, in this little area of Tarapaca, because that's where the Lord wants me to be right now. I'll do what he needs me to do. It's true. I know it.

Elder Christensen

Paul and Elder Christensen

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