Monday, June 5, 2017

It Was No Coincidence ...

Hey there everyone!

It was a great week! So I know my mission is a bit crazy.... well, it just got even crazier. My comp, Elder Vilcherrez, on Tuesday had emergency changes. (I promise you that I have never fought with one of my comps, we have all been true homies!) but I had another change, so now my new comp is Elder Cartagena, and he's a really cool guy!  On his way here to Carhuamayo he saw a huge miracle. The Lord really does protect his missionaries and is watching out for us all the time. I have seen it so many times while I've been in the mission and my testimony that he watches over and protects his servants is so strong.  So Elder Cartagena was passing through Junin on his way to Carhuamayo, and for some reason the President's personal secretary in the office told him to get off in Carhuamayo, but he knew that I wasn't there, I was in Cerro de Pasco. I had just talked to the secretary and told him to send him all the way to Cerro. He was scheduled to get off the bus at 8 o´clock at night, and no one would be waiting for him. He would have no idea where to go. But, for some odd reason our pench´s son in law happened to be in Junin and got on the bus in Junin, and out of all the seats on the whole bus he just happened to get the seat next to Elder Cartagena, with a phone that only had 1% battery left. My new comp asked him, "how long until we arrive in Carhuamayo"? And the my pench's son in law said, "hey, are you the new missionary coming to Carhuamayo?" Then they made the connection. After that they called me, but when they called me, the phone suddenly had a full battery, and we were able to talk and figure things out. I told him that I was not in Carhuamayo and said, "send him on to Cerro". He told Elder Cartagena not to get off the bus, but stay on until he was in Cerro and I'd be there waiting for him. Well, everything turned out perfect. But, had my pench's son in law not been getting on the bus in Junin, had they not talked and made the connection of who Elder Cartagena was, and had his phone with 1% battery not worked just while we had a conversation, he would have been waiting all night long in the freezing cold wondering where I was. No, I do not think that it was a coincidence. I know that the Lord's hand was there to watch over and protect Elder Cartagena.
On Thursday our Branch President asked me to be the one to put the cords on his son's shoulders (he was being made something equal to a Brigadier in the Army or Marines) in front of his whole school. It was an honor for me. So we went to the High School and helped with the award for the Branch President's son.  Everything went well and it was a nice ceremony, and when it finished I stood up and started contacting to a crowd of like 150 to 200 people. While I was doing this my comp started repartiendo (handing out) some contact cards to the people that wanted them. It truly was a crazy day, but so many people showed interest! Now to follow up! The rest of the week was pretty normal. We have some good prospects and are hoping to progress with some of them during this week. I'm excited to see how it can change their lives! I love this gospel! I hope that you all have a great week. I miss you all and love you.

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Branch President's Son, Elder Cartagena

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