Monday, March 21, 2016

A Sweet Baptism and Tingo Maria is Beautiful!


I dont have too much time this week to email. But, how are you all? This week has been great. My comp was in Huancayo from Monday until Thursday night for a District Leader training, so Elder Daza and I went to the Monkey Zoo. It wasn't all just monkeys, but mostly. The monkeys are so dang funny! They were trying to escape the whole time and one monkey stole Elder Daza's Power Ade haha! It was super classic. After that we went and got some ice  cream. While we were getting ice cream I saw some cockroaches roaming around (typical Peru) but I still finished my ice cream! It was pretty good. 

We had more lessons this week than I have ever had in a week since I've been in Tingo Maria. I really think it was because Elder Arpires was gone. But, he is trying hard not to just curl up into a ball and trunk out. He has been trying to work a little. Sometimes I think that I was sent here to Tingo to be tested on my patience, because I have learned a ton!!!! Or maybe I am just forced to learn patience to help me with others and because there is not a way that he is really going to change. He leaves in the morning on Friday to go home and I will be here in Tingo until the 10th of May or until the end of July!!! I am really happy about that! I really love it here in Tingo Maria!

Saturday we had the baptism of this little girl that we were teaching. Her parents are members, but they didn't have her baptized when she was 8, so she had to take the lessons from us. Her dad baptized her. Before the baptism we kept asking the dad if he knew the baptismal prayer and how to say it. He recited the baptismal ordinance and the beginning of the confirmation to us perfect. He got into the font and forgot! I went over to the font and talked to him and taught him again what the words were to do the baptism. He got back into the font started out and forgot to say "Amen". So he had to redo it all over again. He started saying the words and forgot to say one of the words. haha This just kept happening for about 10 MINUTES haha. I was laughing so hard I almost cried. He finally got it after half of the congregation got up and left and his daughter was a sleep. BUT HE GOT IT!!!! haha crazy guy! 

Well, that was my week. Today I am pretty sure that we are going to a waterfall. My comp wants his last p-day to be super cool, so hopefully we can go. It is pouring rain and it is kinda cold (I looked at the weather in Tingo to see what "cold" was to him .... it is 81 degrees and feels like 90 degrees with the humidity, I guess that means he's acclimating to the heat!) I love it here! I love serving! This gospel is true and will bring us all so much happiness! Live it always! Good bye everyone! Nos Vemos muy pronto. Nadie va a saber que estoy diciendo, pero si sabe español, tu eres chevere. 

Elder Christensen

One of Luke's Pensionista's and another Elder
The Pensionista's cook all the meals for the missionaries
Lucky missionaries! Luke's says she's a great cook and he's getting fat because of her!

Beautiful Tingo Maria

A monkey drinking Powerade

At the Monkey Farm

This cute little Monkey looks like he's saying .... "get me outta here!"

The Monkey Farm in the beautiful Selva (Jungle)

Elder Christensen's plaque and his beloved Stripling Warrior ring his brother gave him.

Tingo Maria, Peru after a rain storm.
What a gorgeous rainbow.

Baptism of the "Little Girl" by her father.

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