Monday, March 7, 2016

I'm An Uncle!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! 

This was kind of a dumb week. But I am now an UNCLE!!!!!!!! and I have 6 months away from home and in the mission!!!!! and about a year and like 5 months left haha.  

I have been teaching a lot lately. I had to leave Tingo and go to Huancayo for a few days. I got back and my comp hadn't done one thing. He was with a member and he had only 1 lesson, and that was when he taught the member. It counted as a recent rescue?? We just rescued him like 2 weeks ago, but whatever!  I got back and I was pretty mad. He won't tell me what he did the whole time I was gone. So, I'm super scared he did something super malogrado!! haha this guy is nuts! He dies (finishes his mission in 2 1/2 weeks so he is super lazy). But, I am trying to work hard with him to the end. When I can get him to actually help teach the lessons you can definitely feel the spirit. 

We are teaching the brother of Aamir. Aamir is our recent convert, and now we are teaching his brother Eddy. Eddy has one problem, and it is that he thinks that you have to read the entire Book of Mormon and a ton of other stuff to have a testimony, and be baptized. We've tried to explain to him that you can get a testimony of the Book of Mormon and feel the spirit before you've finished the book and done a list of other things! I want to show him the story of Phillip in Acts 8, and how Phillip was in a church with Simon and Simon was asking about God, and Phillip said that all you need to do to be baptized is to have faith. Then they went straight down to the waters and baptized him. I really want to show that to him but I don't know for sure if I will. I guess we all have to make those decisions in different ways. If the spirit tells me to I will.  

Well, it's baseball season back home. I've thought a lot about it lately! Do you know who all made the team? I'm really happy Blake Tempest will represent this season wearing my #7 on the field! Tell him to do that number right!! He's a great guy! I really miss the guys and the coaches from last year's team. I hope they have a great season!

That is basically it, my week wasn't the best. But, I did get to have pizza 2 TIMES. Pizza is like gold to me these days, especially one that is really good. This week we have a multizone conference in Huanuco, and p-day is going to be on Thursday. So today we are emailing and then going out and working. 

Last week for p-day the other elders and I went shopping. I bought two pair of pants that are about $279 American dollars I bought them for $8.40 each!!! what a bargan! They are super cool dress pants.

Well everyone, that was my week. I am sorry I was boring this week!! I'll do better next week. haha!! All of you have great weeks. Be safe, and say hi to my new baby niece Teigen for me!! I'll see her on Skype in 2 months from today! I can't wait! Miss you all! 

Love ya, 

Family Home Evening at Juana's house. David on the left, my companion and me. 
The others are Juana's family members.

Look close... it's a monkey! The monkey roams the house while we are teaching lessons to 
this family!

A gorgeous bird on the side of the road as we were walking down the street one day!
These birds are everywhere!

And just to show you my nice suntan ... a selfie!

I got this picture from a member in Luke's area! He posted it on Facebook!
Thanks Ericckson Rodriguez Venancio!!

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