Monday, March 14, 2016

The Traditional 6 Month "Burning of the Tie"!

Hey there everyone!! 

So this week I have been working as hard as I can with a trunked out companion! haha This guys just needs to go home!!! I can't hardly stand him, or his laziness! But it's ok, I only have to make it like another full week because he goes to Huancayo tomorrow and gets back on Thursday, and then the next week he goes home on Friday!!!!!! yay!! 

I'm really wishing I could hold Teigen and play with her. I love babies. She sounds like a little stinker, not sleeping at night! Can't wait until Mother's Day so I can meet her. Its only like a month and a half away. I can't wait to play with her when I get home! She's so cute! 

This week was cool! We worked hard this week. We found 7 new investigators and 5 of them are super cool. One of our new investigators is Jina. Jina was a reference that we got from some guy in Huanuco. We visited her and we found out that she had something troubling her. We found out that she had lost her baby 2 weeks before. She as really struggling she didn't think she could survive this loss. I can't imagine either how hard that would be. She was crying to me and I didn't really know what to do. I listened to the spirit and I started talking about the Plan of Salvation. We explained everything as clear as we could, and she asked me at the end, "so what you are telling me is, That I will be able to meet and be with my baby again?" The spirit was so strong that I started to tear up. It was so neat to see her get this great plan that Heavenly Father has given us, and know that she can be with her baby again! We'll see what happens next with Jina!

Then on Wednesday we went to Huanuco for a Multizone Conference. President Henderson taught us. He is such a great teacher!! I love learning from him! I learned new ways to be a better missionary, and serve more effectively. I also learned some things that I have been doing that I shouldn't have done, but, I didn't know that, so I'll change those thing!! but yeah. I am learning everyday. 

I am trying to read and finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish by the time I have 7 1/2 months or 8 month. I do love reading it in Spanish. I think it's really helping my Spanish. After the Multizone Conference we had a multizone p-day. Everyone went to this huge soccer field, with turf, and we played soccer all afternoon and into the evening. Then went got ice cream (nothing like American ice cream) and then we got pizza, (again, the pizza was good, but nothing like American pizza). Again I've realized that I am not in America, and I am in Peru, and it's so different, and things here aren't going to be the same as at home! 

Last Tuesday, March 8th I hit 6 months and so I burned the tie!! Elder Daza, and our mini missionary named Ivan burned the tie while my dumb companion was downstairs lying in bed. He's just so lazy!  But it was pretty fun! Can't believe it's been 6 months!  

All in all it was a good week. This week will be good. We are going to try to go to a cool waterfall today if the other elders aren't too lazy. They're like a bunch of sloths eating some birthday cake (that's pretty lazy if you ask me).

Everyone have a good week. Miss you all!! Write to me!!!! I don't get nearly enough emails!! Just a reminder my email is ....

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, mini missionary Ivan and Elder Daza

The traditional 6 month "Burning of the Tie" 
with Elder Daza

The beautiful Jungle of Tingo Maria in the background.
Elder Christensen looks pretty good too!

A crazy traffic jam somewhere.
Probably between Huanuco and Tingo Maria
The Elders are not allowed to travel this stretch of road in the dark
(hopefully they're not breaking any rules!)
It's a very dangerous stretch, and often times the road just slides away
from the mountain during heavy rainfall. And yes, they've been having
heavy rainfall for a few weeks and several roads in the area are washed away!

After the Multizone Conference in Huanuco the Elders went to this indoor 
turf field to play a little futbol!

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