Monday, April 18, 2016

A 19th Birthday to Remember!

Hey there people in the United States of America!! 

How are you all doing? So, this week was a really strange week. We started off trying to get to another cool waterfall, but we couldn't get there. So, we just took a picture and got out of there. We hiked forever just to get to the area where the waterfall was, then we couldn't get to it because it is against the rules to swim and we would have had to swim the river to get to it. Darn! It seemed kinda like a wasted p-day, but oh well. That night we had the pre-interview with Angela to see if she was ready for baptism. She lacks a few things, so we are postponing her date for 2 weeks so she can increase her testimony and work on a few things. We had a very nice lesson with her and her brother, and after the lesson we knew the spirit was there, she is so close and I know she'll make it, she wants to be baptized. After that we went back and ate some blueberry pancakes! Well, at least Elder Bartchi and I ate some. Those pancakes were some of the best things that I have eaten in Peru so far!

Tuesday I just sat on my bed all day and read and studied because my companion was "sick". I was happy to take advantage of that time to read, but then on Wednesday he was sick again until like 6 o'clock, then we went out for a while. By Thursday I was so ready to get out and do some work, but he was sick for part of the day that day too. I guess they thought I was sick of his whining so he was sent home, back to Huancayo.  So, today a new mini missionary is going to arrive, and be my companion. 

Friday we actually got to work AND it was my birthday!!! We went to visit Veronica! She is preparing for her baptism on the 7th of May and she is super happy. We are trying to help her as much as we can. I never thought that someone could live like she lives, it really amazes me, she's such a great lady. It really makes me realize that you don't have to have money and lots of material things to be happy. She always has a good attitude about everything. She even has a good attitude about having 8 kids hahaha!! She really does have a rough life. I really love her and I can't wait for her to be baptized in a few weeks, she's going to be a great member! 

After we visited Veronica, we went to visit a lady named Celit. She is super cool! She really likes the church and loves the Book of Mormon, but she wouldn't accept to a baptismal date yet for some reason. We will keep working with her and teaching her and help her testimony to grow so she will want to be baptized. She gave me a whole papaya, and they're huge! I couldn't finish it. After we visited her I had to go and have a meeting with the ward mission leader. I still can't figure out what it was all about, he was just saying the dumbest stuff, I just listened. 

That night we went to this ladies house named Laisdy, and she held a birthday party for me!! It was fun, but they have some pretty crazy birthday traditions here in Peru. We had Tres Leche Cake and then after I got destroyed with 20 eggs and flour all over my head. Yeah, it was awesome haha!! I guess I'll always remember my 19th birthday in Tingo Maria being plastered with eggs and flour! 

Today I am in Huanuco chilling with the Zone Leaders for p-day! That was my week.... not much to report since I spent 3 days sitting in my room! The church is true and I love it!!

Love you all ... be safe,
Elder Christensen

Tried to visit a waterfall on p-day, but we had to swim across
this river and swimming is against the rules, so we didn't make it to the waterfall.

Birthday Tres Leche Cake for my 19th Birthday at Laisdy's house
with the other Elders.

It is a Peruvian tradition to smash eggs over the head of the birthday person,
then they throw flour over the top of that. They usually smash the cake in the birthday person's
face. Doesn't look like they did that... maybe they decided to eat the cake instead!

Not sure what this is .... a skinny Peruvian kitty?

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