Monday, April 25, 2016

Still Working Hard in Tingo Maria

Hey everyone in los Estados Unidos,

Well, this was a pretty good week. Let me start off with the fact that I have a new mini missionary that came in last Monday and he will be going home in 2 week. haha So after this transfer he goes home. He is a pretty cool guy, his name is Eduardo Rosas. He is from Huancayo and is a recent convert, as of like 5 months ago, so I am part of his retainment in the Church. So, basically I have to be perfect or he might go less active I guess! and I have to help him learn, but this is a great way to learn a lot, and fast! Finally, he has come out of his awkward shell and is talking. I make him talk to everyone. He really is cool and a lot more humble than the other mini missionary that was here before. He is a super good guy. 

This week for p-day we went to Huanuco and we played soccer the whole day. It was super fun!! I got to talk to my mission father, Elder Bullock for a while. He is doing pretty good. Then after we went to Metros, which is like a Walgreens, sort of, and I bought a Vanilla Coke. They ran out of dang Mtn Dew! haha I miss the sodas from the United States. They all are just so much better than any other drink here in Peru. On Tuesday we went back to Tingo from Huanuco and went straight to work. This week we basically just contacted the whole time it felt like. We had 65 contacts, and normally we only have like 30. It is so funny to listen to the wierd things that people come up with. Everyone we contacted we would ask if they believed in God. Then we asked what they knew about Him, and what they knew about his son, Jesus Christ. literally every answer was... " He was a good man" or "he came here to tell us that we aren't aliens but, there are aliens in the world." Just weird stuff like that!!! I sometimes would just start laughing right in front of them. I couldn't keep it in. It is just so hilarious. I guess that just means that there is a lot of work still to do here... we better get teaching! 

Also, this week we were teaching a recent convert and we helped him to know if he had a testimony or not. We taught him how to know what things are answers from God. It didn't seem like he knew a lot about the gospel. I feel like the missionaries that were here before I got here were just baptizing because they wanted a lot of baptisms. In these past few months I have been working with less actives and people that are starting to become less active. I hope that I am helping them to learn and helping to strengthen their testimony.

I'm so excited! This week we should be baptizing Angela, if she is ready. Veronica and her daughter are still progressing well, but I think that we are going to postone her baptismal date for a few more weeks. I want her to be converted, and never stray from the church, she is just that awesome. 

That is my week. I am super sorry, but I only took one pic this week, and I cannot send it because I forgot my camera. One funny thing that happened...I was in a Pensions house and I looked over and I saw a picture of Spencer McGhie!!!! haha from our stake!! Then the Pension talked to me about him forever! It was super cool that we both knew him! He was loved when he served here! 

I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who emailed me on my birthday! It made my birthday! Also, thanks to Mom and Dad, Katie, Marci, Tate and Demi, Grandma and Grandpa and Mimi and Papa and my 1st grade teacher, Joani Richardson for the birthday gifts, the letters and the cards! You're awesome to think of me! Today we are going to another cool waterfall and we're going to make fajitas! I am really looking forward to seeing you all in 13 days .... via Skype!! haha!! Love you all and miss you all, you are always in my prayers! Thanks for all your love to me!!

Elder Christensen

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