Monday, May 2, 2016

No Waterfall this Week, but Sweet Angela was Baptized!

Welp family and friends, and other people that are bored so they are reading my letters....

This week was a super good week! We have been contacting like crazy this week! We found a lot of people that are really quite interested in the church and learning the gospel. But, first, I am going to start off and tell you that our last week's p-day kind of got destroyed. jaja We were eating fajitas, and there is a super fat guy that is here. Well, he went first to eat, and he ate like 4 fajitas! I was really quite mad because Elder Bartchi and I made the food, bought the tortillas and all the stuff that goes in them, and then I only got one and Bartchi got 2, and my comp took like 4! I was just super enojado (angry) just kidding! It was a nice way to work on my patience with fat latinos! haha they really don't have any respect for us though. ahhh jaja 

Ok let me chill out just a bit!  So after that found a moto (a small buggy pulled by a motorcycle) and started heading to a waterfall. Turns out that we couldn't get there because there is some cage that you have to use to get across a gigantic river. So we went to a cave instead. We were almost there and the driver of the moto got all mad at us, and tryed to charge us a bunch of money, but I just gave him the amount that I thought was fair and walked away. When he was driving away his moto broke down, so we were nice and helped him a bit, and some guy walked by and started helping him also. We left and went to the Cueva de los Virgenes, (the Virgin's cave, jaja what a name!!) but we got there and we realized that we didn't have the flashlight power to be able to enter. So I went in there alone with a phone flashlight and I got about 15 seconds in and a bat started chasing me. So we just left. When we were leaving we found the same guy and his bajaj (moto taxi). He had fixed his taxi and so we decided to jump in and go with him. We're about 15 minutes in to the trip and the police pull us over because there was 5 of us in a moto, and it only fits 4. So the driver paid him off (dang corrupted Peru police) and we were on our way. So, I realized that my day wasn't that bad compared to the moto taxi driver's day. jaja He dropped us off at a zoo that was on the way home, and it was the same zoo that I went to a few weeks ago. It was even better the second time. 

Then the rest of the week was pretty fast. On Saturday I got the opportunity to baptize sweet little Angela, and it was a beautiful baptism. She insisted that I baptize her, and I was totally honored to do it! After she bore her testimony and it was one of the most powerful testimonies that I have heard, especially from a 13 year old girl. Serious, I thought about how it was even more powerful than my testimony at age 18. It really was just overall a great week. I really like my companion, we work hard together.  My buddy Elder Baca finishes his mission this next week. And so does my comp, the mini missionary. Guess I'll see what happens next. I love you all and Mom and family,  will see you face to face on the computer screen next Sunday!!!! Love you all, and be safe this week.
-Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Angela, Eduardo Rosas (Luke's Mini-Missionary from Huancayo)

Angela and Elder Christensen before the baptism

Luke's Room that he shares with
Brother Rosas, Elder Bartchi and Elder Bartchi's companion
Looks like they all need a lesson in bed making

Lifting weights or rolling out his back.... or something??

Luke's says this is basically the 4 Elder's whole house.
They do have an upstairs, but it does not have a roof, so they don't use it!!
This house actually looks like pretty nice living quarters!

Cueva de los Virgenes, (the Virgin's Cave)

Elder Christensen, Elder Bartschi, Rider Ted (a member from Tingo)

Cueva de los Virgenes, (the Virgin's Cave)
Elder Rodriguez, Elder Bartschi, Brother Rosas, Elder Christensen, Rider Ted

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