Monday, May 23, 2016

Without A Companion!!

Well this week I've been #Ponderizing and meditating a ton. I've had a lot of time to do that .... So Elder Perez, my newest comp, was a good guy, he would work hard and he was a guy that was very humble. Well, that's what he thought anyway!! He would say that he was the most humble of all the missionaries, and he said there were other gringos that would give him a ton of candy so he liked the gringos. Really, I think he was "acting" humble to get candy!! haha So that is the story that I got from Elder Perez anyway. I was with him for a week and a half, and I liked him, but it was a hard week and a half! haha So about a month ago he was in Tarma (a city about 2 hours away from Huancayo.) He was playing soccer and rolled his ankle. He pulled a bunch of muscles in his leg. Then President sent him to Tingo to be with me. He was with me for a week and he walked decently fine. Then one day he decide he had to go to the hospital. So we sent him to Huanuco and when he got back he told us that he needed to rest for a week. So on Tuesday all I could do was sit in the house all day while he was sitting there in pain trying to get better. I was kind of like his maid and slave. Then on Thursday we sent him to Huanuco to go to the doctor again, and then later that day Elder Bartsch and I went to Huanuco too. Then Friday came around and no one was telling me anything about Elder Perez. Not even he would tell me!! I was wondering all day and the finally President came to me and he broke the news that my comp was headed home and will never come back to the mission. Elder Perez is 27 years old, so they won't let him come back after he heals. The bad news about that is that I am now without a comp again! I have to find a member to go out with me everyday, and I have to teach everything. I have been going out with Rider (a new convert) all weekend because we are like best buds. He is trying to learn English so we speak English sometimes, but most of the time we speak in Spanish. So my comp is gone, and I am without a comp for anytime between now and the next transfer. So it is a possibility that I will be here another transfer!! So that would mean I would be here for 7-1/2 months!! 

So after kind of a downer week, on Friday we had a Multi-Zone Conference and I learned a toooooooooooooon!!!!!! I learned how I need to better myself to be a Preach my Gospel missionary. I also learned how to be super humble and patient. So those are the things that I am working on. There are also some other things I need an want to work on so I've been praying super hard to obtain some different gifts from God.
Last Monday we didn't do anything really, we just chilled and made some super good steak, jaja! It was amazing, It reminded me of home. We ate it with a Vanilla Coke and also some Pork and Beans!

My area is coming along. I really have noticed that the harder you work the happier you are. I have like 10 people that's I've been working with that should be baptised in the next 3 months. 

Also, I had a super cool experience last night. Elder Bartschi doesn't have great health these days. It started out like over a year ago and he was like literally dying from what it sounds like, so he went home for a few months and came back out. He is here in Tingo and has been for the past two transfers, but his heath is getting worse. So he asked me if I could give him a blessing of strength so that he would be able to finish his mission. While I was giving him this blessing I felt like I was having an out of body experience, and that the spirit had completely taken over my body. I felt like I was literally not inside of my body. The spirit was talking through my lips, and when I finished I was so physically tired that I had to go straight to sleep. It really was the craziest thing that has ever happened to me, I felt so in tune, and it made me realize how much God loves us, and that He wants the best for us. I know He is our Father and Jesus is our brother, and through the Atonement of Christ, Elder Bartschi will recover and be healed. I love you all and I want you to all know that I know that His church is true. 

Have a great week!

Elder Christensen

Beautiful Tingo Maria, Peru

Cooking Steak and Pork and Beans

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