Monday, May 9, 2016

Sketchy Caves in the Jungle

Hey there!! 

It was a great time talking to the family yesterday. Now I am feeling super trunky and miss the family.
Let's start off with the great waterfall and the Cave of Death. So the waterfall was crazy! Not really, it was just super super tall, and super skinny! But, it was pretty cool still and we got some great pictures, and I still really loved it. So after that we had like 5 more hours to kill on p-day, so we decided to go to the cave. It was the same cave that I went into last week, but we couldn't get anywhere because there was no light. So, we went in this time and I brought a mini flashlight and Elder Bartschi brought one too, and we went inside. I was a little bit scared, I'm not going to lie!! I went first, we had a member that followed me, and then Rider (a new member from Tingo Maria) was following us, then the other three missionaries followed. We got like 4 or 5 minutes into the cave and we came across a part where we had to army crawl to get passed. It was a little less than an army crawl actually, we were basically just dragging our bodies behind us, using only our hands to drag ourselves for like 10 to 15 yards. It was pretty crazy, but for some reason it wasn't too scary. We kept going and everything was fine. We entered in super deep, and then got about thirty minutes into the cave and found that it was basically a dead end, well for missionaries it was. We ran into a part that we would have to swim to get any further. I was disappionted because there is a cool waterfall that is at the end, but we weren't told that we would have to swim to get there. I was a little bummed we didn't get to finish our adventure!

This week we have been mainly focusing on the people that really matter. The people that are progressing and want to learn. We have continued working with Veronica and her daughter Arely. We have also been working with a girl named Dianna.  This transfer should be really great. I will miss my mini missionary comp, Rosas, hopefully my new comp will be able to learn the area super fast. We have so many people these days that we just can't keep up with all of them. We only have time to visit the people we are teaching like 1 time a week, if we're lucky we can fit in a visit twice a week. But Veronica is coming along very well. Her daughter (the one we baptized last week) is in love with the church. She said that she is never going to leave the church untill she dies. She is thirteen and she has a powerfull testimony. She reads like 1 to 2 chapters of the Book of Mormon everyday. She is super cool. I really hope that Veronica and family will be ready for their baptismal date for the 21st of May. Dianna is a little girl that is Aamirs cousin. Remember Aamir that we baptized back when I first came to Tingo. Dianna started coming after Aamir got baptised and she really wants me to baptize her, but she lacks a few lessons. So we will see if she will be able to be baptized this week or the next week. It's fun to see people progress! This gospel is true! I know it and I love it when others know it too!!

Yesterday I finally got to talk to my Mother. It felt like forever since I had talked to my Mama and the fam. I guess it was 8, no 5 months ago, but still I had an amazing time. It was so good to see my cute little niece Teigen. Wish I could hold her! I loved that I also got to talk to Marci, Dave, Tate, Demi, Kolt, and Jen, super sad that Kass and Christina couldn't be there. But, it's ok they are on a cruise. those lucky nerds!! haha Well that was my week. I miss you all!  I'll just end with a little story to give you a chuckle. Yesterday in church there was no one there to pass the Sacrament, so we missionaries decided to pass the Sacrament. So we pass the Sacrament and everything is going great. We lined up to go back to the Sacrament table and we started walking back and I was looking straight forward, but for some reason some demon little girl decided to slide a little baby craddle into the aisle and under my feet while I was walking, and I slipped and i fell (jaja)!! I saved myself from dying, but I still fell to my knees and everyone started laughing, even the bishop haha! The good thing is, that the water didn't spill at all, I kept it steady! haha. 

Welp that was my week. I love you all and miss you all. Be safe.  

Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen, Elder Bartschi, Rider Ted

Cave of the Virgins

Luke meeting Teigen for the first time!

Skyping with Luke 

 Tate and Luke Skyping

 Mother's Day Skype with Luke

Mini Missionary Rosas with Elder Christensen

Luke's testimony on Mother's Day

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  1. Elder Christensen!!
    I finally got caught up on your mission adventures. I love your humor. I had no idea you were this hilarious. I love reading about your testimony and your experiences. You are a great guy! Keep up the good work! We love you! Christine Jordan and the gang