Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Fast and Wonderful Week!

Hey everyone! Well, or just mom if you are the only one that actually reads my letters....

This week was great, it passed by so fast that I didn't even realize that it was Monday today. So, I want to start out with Monday, not only because it is a crazy day that I have every week, but because we went to this super cool waterfall. This waterfall is called the Catarata Otorongo. A Cataract Otorongo is some sort of big mountain cat, like a leopard. On our way there, we went past Aucayacu and bought some super cool mini machetes that are like 12 inches long (you know how I love knives!). And then we went to the waterfall. When we got there we opened up some coconuts and drank the coconut milk and then ate the meat inside of them. It was super good. It made me feel like I was just right back at home, except at home I don't have coconuts and we also don't have big waterfalls haha!! So basically I guess I really felt like I was in Tingo MarĂ­a, Peru, my new home. After we got home we went to Veronica's house and talked to her and her daughter, and we got the greatest news ever....they both accepted the invitation to get baptized this Saturday. It has been so cool to see the progress that she and her family have made. I am super glad that I will be able to see them get baptized the last Saturday before I leave Tingo. We found Veronica about 3 months ago and maybe you'll remember, but she is the lady with the 8 kids. She is also the lady that had the super cool dream that I talked about a few months back in an email. 

Also, this week we have been challenging people to baptism like no other. We have not had one day in the past month that we haven't challenged someone to baptism. That has actually been one of my goals to do though. We have had some super cool lessons this week that have changed my life, and my thoughts about the future. They truly were some testimony building moments. 

On Wednesday we came out of this cool lesson with a very old investigator. And they told us that they wanted to get baptized so they will get baptised in the neer future. As we were leaving it started to rain. We got to the pension's house at like 8:05 p.m. and ate and then it just started to pour rain. It poured so hard that I was walking in puddles just to get home. We were getting drenched and so we finally got home and the street in front of our house started to fill up, and it filled up to be like 2 feet deep, and in some spots like 3 feet deep. So we went outside while it was pouring rain and did some service. We started to push motos (small taxis) that were stuck and we helped people keep their houses from flooding. We helped a guy that changed my life forever, more about him in a minute....

So the next day the flood had gone down and there was just garbage everywhere, like literally, everywhere! So we fixed this ladies garage door and that night I see that dude that we helped. The guy was pushing his same cart as the night before and he wore the same clothes and same everything. I was watching him out of the window. He walked by and he stopped and started looking through the garbage to see what he could find to use that would help him in some way in his life. He looked, and looked, and looked, yet found nothing. He scratched his neck and started walking again. He stopped again and picked up a destroyed bottle, then scratches his neck and starts on his way again. I watched him in shock for the whole time, and in that little moment I started to tear up and think of how blessed I truly am. I have taken everything that I've ever had in my whole life for granted. I have so much! And today I am so grateful for everything that I have, my family, this opportunity to serve and the gospel in my life. 

That is my week. I so grateful to be here, and I'm grateful that we have a ton of people that are progressing towards baptism. It's so great to see it all in action. We are now working with Ceasar, Veronica, Arely, Daisy, Milena, Elias, and so many more, keep them in your prayers. This Saturday Veronica and Arely will be baptized. Greatest day ever! I love you all and I want everyone to know, that I KNOW, with all of my heart, that God is our Father, Jesus is our brother, and Joseph Smith restored the gospel back to the Earth, these things along with many others, I know are true.

Elder Christensen

Luke at the Cataract Otorongo Waterfall
Tingo Maria, Peru

Using a Banana Leaf as an umbrella during the downpour!

Going out to do service during the rainstorm and flood in Tingo Maria, Peru

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