Monday, June 27, 2016

The Mission is all About Change

Hey there my beloved people... 

To start off, I want to say that this will be a short letter, but a good letter! 

So first, for p-day this week we went to Cueva de las Lechuzas. It was the coolest cave outside Tingo Maria. It was so neat!! Elder Bartschi almost fell into the river and I almost laughed my head off!! He was hanging from a tree for his life, and I was sitting there on the side of the river thinking that it was a joke. But turns out that he really was almost to fall in, and he started screaming his head off for help!! jajajaja It was the funniest thing in the world and I couldn't even help him because I was laughing so hard! We got him before he fell in though! 

Cueva de las Lechuzas
Near Tingo Maria, Peru

River Huallaga
One of the largest rivers in Peru

After that we went to a look out above Tingo and I took my last glimpses of the beautiful city of Tingo Maria, most beautiful city I've ever seen! I will miss it. We then went down and looked at some super cool paintings. I bought one that I really loved. When I get my new camera I will send a pic of it. 

My beautiful and beloved Tingo Maria from the lookout

Then that night I got notice that I was leaving Tingo, just as I suspected. I literally almost cried. But it made it better that I got to pull one last prank on Elder Bartschi. We filled up 3 buckets of water and soaked Bartschi from head to toe. 

I left Tingo on Wednesday and went off to Huànuco. Huanuco is about 2 hours south of Tingo Maria on a super sketchy road. The elevation is about 6300 feet and the climate is amazing. The days are in the high 70's and the nights in the mid 50's year round. So I froze to death in Carhuamayo, couldn't quit sweating in Tingo Maria and now I'm in the middle of both in Huanuco. I am in the Pedro Puelles Ward. It is an area almost as hard as Carhuamayo. This area hasn't had a baptism in about 8 months. I just keep getting these hard areas. I guess the Lord really wants me to work! So I got here and we literally have had about 90 contacts since I got here. We just contacted all day, everyday. 

The City of Huanuco, Peru
Population 173,000

It really was a super long week and a super sad week, and I am still a little depressed that I had to leave Tingo. But, I know that the Lord has called me here to Huanuco for a reason. We found like 3 people that were actually really cool. They all seemed like they actually wanted to learn and hear what we had to say. They were answering all the questions perfectly and they actually asked if we would go back to their house. I was so happy! It seemed like the Lord was just leading us right to their houses. We contacted some random guy on the street during the week, and he gave us his address, but then that address didn't actually exist. So we just started contacting and we found him and his wife. Their names are Cesar and Margarita. That happened yesterday (Sunday) right before we were about to go home for the night. It was so cool and such a tender mercy to be able to find him again. Once again, I know that the Lord led us to him and helped us to be able to find them. 

During this past week I just keep thinking what an awful week it was, but now that I think back on it, it was actually an amazing week. Every time we have to rely on the Lord we are strengthened. I also found ways that will help me study better, and I'm pretty excited about that. 

That was my week. I know that this is a short letter, hopefully next week I'll have more, but I just want to finish by saying that I know that God answers prayers, that he guides us and he directs us if he ask for his help, and I know that He lives. Over the past few weeks I have been working on being fully converted myself. I want to always know, without a doubt, that this Church is true, and that Jesus is our brother and He is there for us and loves us. I know it to be true and I have a testimony of it. I challenge all of you to try and do this, it's amazing. I feel so much better with myself and I know that I am happier with my life because of it. I love you all and I'll write next week!!!! 

Elder Christensen

From left to right
Elder Rodrigues, Leisdy, Elder Crosland (Luke's comp in Tingo Maria)
Isaac, Luke, Alexandra and Elder Bartschi
Leisdy and her family lived across the street from the 4 Elders in Tingo Maria

Luke really loved this family and 
these other 3 Elders that he served with in Tingo Maria
It was hard to say goodbye to them and to Tingo Maria.

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