Monday, June 6, 2016

Swinging Through the Jungle Like a Monkey

Well... family and friends,
Well this week passed by so fast I don't even know what to say! So, I will only tell three stories. So, I'll start off with last P-DAY!  We went to Lagoona de los Milagros to fish. But, we didn't do much fishing at all. We decided that we wanted to go and find this other lake that was near the lagoon. So, in our attempt to find this lake we decided to take a trek across this field of like little thorn bushes. Then we arrived at a little trail that led us to a bunch of plants that were like little razors growing from them. We eventually arrived at a swamp. We walked through the swamp, with the fear of an Anaconda or a Crocodile snatching our legs, and the plants with the razors growing from them were the big worry too!! We got through the swamp and looked at our bodies and our arms and they were so cut up and itchy that we basically just wanted to jump in the water and go swimming. But it's not advised to swim as a missionary, so we had three wierd dudes throw water on us with buckets. We kept going in hopes of making it to the lake and we can't even fish haha!!!! But we did find some vines and we went swinging across the lagoon like monkeys! I got bit by a few red ants, but everyone else got eaten alive. I'm sure there are no mosquitos carring Zika virus in the jungle... right?

On Wednesday we went to Aucayacu, a little town about an hour out side of Tingo. When we got there and we ate, and then went to teach some people. Then we decided to go visit this old black blind man, there's not a lot of old, black, blind men in Peru. We get to his house and he is just so happy! He is just super pumped to see us! We started with a prayer and he started telling us about how he was in a motorcycle accident about 6 years ago, and he went into a coma for a few months, When he woke up he couldn't see. So for 6 years he hasn't been able to see at all. But he is the happiest guy ever! Then he said, "well, in 24 days I AM GETTING MY VISION BACK", and he started bawling. I have never seen a man cry so hard. But I felt the spirit as we sat with him and listened to him. I wanted to cry with him. It really was the best part of my week!!
On Wednesday night we also basically saved this kid from ruining his life. His grandpa was kicking him out of the house and he was going to go live in Lima. So, we went to the house and talked to his grandma. We were prayerful and talked to her with the spirit, and she decided to let him stay in the house. The spirit is a powerful thing and something that we should all pray to have in our lives daily. It can help us, and guide and direct us through good times and hard times. Well, that is all! I'm headed to a sick waterfall today... pictures next week!! 

love ya and chau,
Elder Christensen

The jungle, with the plants that grown razors. 
Pretty sure there were Anacondas and Crocodiles in here too!


Swinging like a monkey over the lagoon in the jungle!

Luke's Pensionista and her cute little niece.

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