Friday, July 8, 2016

A Tough Week!

Hey this isn't going to be a super long letter. I literally have nothing to say jajajajajajajaja. This was one of the hardest weeks of my mission. We have been kicked out of houses and we have been asked so many times why we are even here! I had so many moments where i just wanted to sit down and start crying, but then I just say a prayer and God is there and comforts us, then we get back to work. We have been contacting and trying to find people a ton all week. We have had about 30 contacts everyday. I know that God has been guiding me and my words, and also my comp and his words. Oh and, my mom informed me that I didn't even tell who my comp is last week, nor tell where he's from. I guess I didn't tell anyone who he is. His name is ELDER CAMPBELL. He is super cool. He is from Richland Washington (the state) and he has 17 months in the mission. He is a super cool guy and we have been working really hard together in this really hard area. Our area is pure hills haha well, at least everyone we teach lives in the hills. 

Elder Christensen and Elder Campbell wearing their "Anti-Snake Glasses"
A Snake is a girl!

So last Monday we went and played volleyball with another zone. It was super fun and really so cool. Then after we played some soccer for like an hour. We went on a hike to the top of the mountain and had a family home evening. I got home and we played chess. Yes!! I finally learned how to play chess. It was super cool and fun to learn. Then Tuesday we had a super sweet lesson with this investigator of like 4 years. I had a though in my mind that we needed to show her the talk from the prophet called "Choices" in the last General Conference. She then asked when she could get baptized!!! So we will be having a baptism on the 23rd of July!!! I'm so stoked! It's the first in a long time! And she's been investigating a long time! It was the greatest moment. And she wants her baby to be blessed! Super cool and such a great thing. I really could feel the spirit in that lesson. Her name is Gelhin (Helen). 

Then the rest of the week we were just getting doors slammed in our face and told that we shouldn't be here, and that no one wants us. Crazy Peruvians. I really have felt like I have been following the spirit so much lately and I have had so many times when He has comforted me. 

On Friday we had a super rough day.  I'll tell you the less dramatic story. We only had one lesson, so we started off the day great. We have a blessing and all then we all do weekly planning. Then we had a lesson at 1:00 and we had the spirit with us so strong! It was so great. We go to this guy's house that we contacted on Thursday. This guy was 15 and he had a sister that didn't come out but she was in the house in her room. We start teaching this guy and his dad walks in the house and asks who we are. He goes off and starts working. Then we started talking to his son again and the dad comes in and starts raging. He said that we were like peasants and we needed to shush. This mad us super sad cause his son wanted to learn! He kept saying things that he shouldn't have ever said to another human being. But he said them then he invited us to leave. I felt great that I didn't try and fight back, or call him bad names. I was just completely calm, but it really made me so sad. I just didn't think that someone could be so bad mannered. 

I want you all to know that Jesus Christ lives and that he is our brother, and he is always here fighting with us to do right! The spirit is real, the Holy Ghost is real. I can feel it in so many ways in my life. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, this church is true, and the Book is blue, and it is true! I love you all. 

Elder Christensen

The dusty, hard area in Huanuco

Huanuco, Peru

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