Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy Peruvian Independence Day!!

Hey there people of America!!

HOW WAS THE 24TH OF JULY!!! So here it is not a holiday! So we didn't do anything! haha!! On Thursday, July 28th it will be Peruvian Independence Day and they will celebrate all weekend long with fireworks and everyone will drink and get drunk! I will just play with my Trompo! I am getting pretty good at it. Elder Campbell and I have Trompo wars, and play super fun games. If you don't know what a Trumpo is go look it up on the internet..... Trompo or Whipping Top is a top which is spun by winding a length of string around the body, and launching it so that it lands spinning on its point. If the string is attached to a stick the rotation can be maintained by whipping the side of the body. The string may also be wound around the point while the trompo is spinning in order to control its position or even lift the spinning top to another surface. These toys are popular in Latin America where the name trompo emerged, but there are many different local names. .... I watched some videos on YouTube, and it looks really hard, but very cool!

But this week was super fast .... yet super slow (can that be possible)? So this week we played soccer at the church with all the missionaries in Huanuco. We were playing great and I was learning to do some new moves!! 

Last Tuesday we had a super great lesson with Gelhin. We were getting her ready for her baptism that was scheduled for Saturday, July 23rd. She told us that she had a dream that she was dressed in white, and then she saw two Gringos. (Yeah, that would be me and Campbell) haha!! Why can't I have any dope dreams like these Peruvians!! We have been finding some other great people to teach too, and we have been working super hard this week. We also have some more people that have accepted a baptismal date!! It's so great! But then we literally just contacted the rest of the day on Tuesday. 

Wednesday we did the same exact thing as every other day.  We were walking along and this dude just gave me a brand new Trompo. It's so cool, and we have been getting super good at it in our free time. I now have like 4 different Trompos. But that is only because a Trompo costs like 1 Sole, maybe 2 Soles maximum. Also, on Wednesday Elder Bartschi came and stayed with us because he and my comp, Eder Campbell, were going to Huancayo for some reason. So we went and got Fetucchini Alfredo. And then we bought a Paneton ....  Paneton is a type of sweet bread originally from Milan, but is now popular in Latin America. It is usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year. This is Wendi talking now, Paneton is really not that good! But I'm glad he likes it! ... and some Root Beer Floats. jajajajajaj! They were sooooo goooooood! So, because Bartschi and Campbell went to Huancayo I had to stay with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Carrasco and he is super funny and a little crazy. So we just talked all night about crazy things we did before the mission. He is about to finish his mission next transfer so he is a little trunky. haha 

Then on Friday morning we got a call from the Assistants and they gave us some of the worst news!!! So, from now on we can't have p-days basically... really, we just can't leave our areas unless we receive 'permission from the Zone Leaders'. So from now on we will not be able to play soccer and do a lot of other cool things basically!! So unless it's a Zone activity we're in our area alone on p-days! But I will be obedient and follow the rules. Later Friday afternoon we did some baptismal interviews. 

Saturday we had a BAPTISM, but something crazy happened! It always seems to go that way here! We had an interview and we planned for everything and it was all ready to go. We were going to have 4 baptisms here! So awesome! Gelhin got there on time and the other 3 didn't show up until like 5:30. We planned the baptism to be at 4:00. Also, the other wards were having a baptism at 3:00 but they didn't start until 4:00 haha. What am I talking about! That's just any typical Peruvian activity, to say you will start at 4:00 and then really start at 5:30!) But we did have the baptism of Gelhin and it was awesome! She was so excited and so happy! It was great to have a new member in the Puerto Puelles ward after almost a year!

The baptism of Gelhin. The Hermana's, Elder Campbell and Elder Christensen
Gelhin in the middle.

Also, I have seen so many dang animals die in the past few weeks! It's crazy!! I made a chicken jump off a cliff on accident haha!! And I'm pretty sure it died. It wasn't moving.... sorry chicken. Well, that's my week! And I'm out of time. This work is the greatest ever! Have a great week!

Elder Christensen

Elder Campbell and Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen balancing a cookie on his head!
Looks like he's a silly as ever!

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