Monday, August 1, 2016

Things are Happening in Pedro Puelles

Hey there folks!

So this week was a great, slow, but fast week. Haha! I have been super happy this week. I don't really have that many things to write about these days. There is just nothing that is happening right here in Pedro Puelles because President changed the rules, and we can't leave our area on P-day anymore. Well, actually I guess he just put a rule into effect that President Henderson wasn't as strict about. So for p-day we went to a chapel in Primavera and played Signs and played a little soccer with some members, and we also played some volleyball. The rest of the week we just worked and did a bunch of pre-interviews for the sister missionaries in Primavera. 

I learned how to solve an 8 sided rubix cube, and it really wasn't that hard to learn. Campbell also figured it out! But yeah, we are still just contacting like crazy and teaching a bunch. So that is great! We found this new family named the Santiagos and they are super cool. They own a restaurant and they invited Elder Campbell and me to go and eat there last week. They had some of the best Peruvian food I have eaten since I've been in Peru. Actually, they have the best restaurant in all of Peru, and you know Peru is known for their fine cuisine! 

So yesterday (Sunday) Elder Campbell and I decided to go visit a less active. His name is Raul. He has been less active since he was like 14, and he is 33 now. He has a super strong testimony. He told us how through the past few years many missionaries have passed by his house and have stopped to visit with him, but he has rejected all of them. But, when Campbell and I passed by he just felt like he needed to let us in. I was sitting there in awe! And then he told us this crazy dream that he had where he was dying and Jesus came down, and Raul was begging Jesus for his life back. He said that he was begging for a second chance and he said that Jesus told him to go to church. Well, he had that dream about 4 years ago and he still hasn't gone to church. So now he says he will come to church. He has promised us that he will for sure come to church this next Sunday.

Yesterday was Hermana Keeler's birthday. She is in our district so we had a birthday party in the Hermana's Pencions house at night, with the ward. It was pretty fun. Birthday's are great here! Those are the highlights from my week! This week is transfers and I know who my new companion is because President messed up and we can all see every change in the mission!!!! So, I'll be staying in Huanuco in Pedro Puelles and my new comp is Elder Cano from Lima. I'm working hard, you keep working hard! Everything's great! Until next week ....

Elder Christensen

Last week before Gelhin's baptism

Hutchy and Scrappy and Hutchy's girlfriend!

Hermano Martine is a great man!
He is the High Priest Group Leader and the husband
to the Hermana's Pension.

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