Monday, August 22, 2016

I Love My Mission!

Hey there people!

Well, this was a great week! and a super fast week too! We didn't do too many things nor was it like the funnest week but it was good.  But first, all of the elders from Tingo were here in Huanuco and all of them stayed in our room. There were 6 of us and it was a party!! They got to Huanuco on Sunday and then we had p-day Monday together, and a multi-zone meeting on Tuesday and they left on Wednesday. 
So, let's start off with the Monday P-day that we had. On Monday we had a multi zone p-day. It was super cool. Not the best multi zone that we have had yet, but we played a bit of soccer and ran quite a bit! Then we played kick ball with President Silva. Haha!! he accidentally punched a few missionaries, because he flew into the bases way to fast! It was super funny! And then we had our zone meeting and then after we ATE LASAGNA (I do declare that, that is spelled correctly!!!) It was super good!!! Not the best ever, but it was some decent lasagna!! 

Tuesday we had multi zone meeting and it was really neat. I learned a ton! At the multi zone meeting I could really feel and it was confirmed to me that President is a man called of God to lead our mission. He really cares about us, he wants us to be happy and to work hard, but most of all he wants us to be super obedient. Which I think is great. I feel like I am being 98 percent obedient, not 100 percent because if I was 100 percent I would be perfect and then be translated! But, I am striving for that 100 percent and will continue to throughout my life. I feel super good about myself. I feel like I have less energy to get the work done, but I know that it is my Heavenly Father testing me to see if I can and will work under all situations. 

Then the rest of the week was full of basically teaching active members, and less active members. We have dropped a bunch of investigators because none of them want to progress. So we are back to contacting quite a bit to find new investigators. Hopefully some who have been prepared to receive this gospel. 

Wednesday we made pizza and lasagna AGAIN!!! haha It was so much better this time. This time I made the pizza. It was decent!! A girl in the ward made us the lasagna, it was amazing... other than the fact that she added some weird ingredient! Really, I was so confused as to why she would make such an amazing plate of food and put egg plant in it!! Not good like American lasagna!  haha CRAZY RIGHT!  I didn't even know what the heck an eggplant was until then!! hehe

So last week I told you about Raul, he is super cool!! He came to church for the second time in like 15 years. I love this guy and I feel like we have made a connection, hopefully he will continue and progress! Also, Familia Santiago are a super cool family whom I hope will continue to work and progress in the gospel. They really want their daughter to get baptized and the husband (her dad) is still thinking about it, (his wife is already baptized.) I love this! It's great! And it's true! That is my week. I have to go. 

I love you all,
Elder Christensen

Luke making Pizza and a girl from their ward making Lasagna

Elder Bullock and Elder Christensen
Elder Bullock was Luke's trainer. He is now an AP.

Elder Christensen and Elder Albrecht
Two crazy Alta boys!

Crosses in the streets of Huanuco

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