Monday, August 29, 2016

After the Trial of our Faith

Hey there people!! 

So this week was another great week. I thinks so at least!!

So to start off with ,,, that P-day stuff, it just isn't that cool anymore. We just don't do anything! Now we can only leave the zone once a change, and we can have one zone p-day and one district p-day. So, yeah, life got kind of boring here on Monday's! So this week we left the zone (with permission) my comp wanted to go and get his eyes checked. This comp of mine is literally turning into a grandpa! haha He does not remember anything! And he doesn't hear that good, and his eyes are going bad. So, I call him Grandpa Cano haha actually, Abuelito Canito. haha!! I also bought a sweet new tie for like 4 dollars. Then after p-day we went to a sweet family home evening. The previous bishop in the ward held it. He shared something so magnificant! I am serious I have never felt the sort of feeling that I did during this FHE. The spirit was completely amazing! It was like some crazy high that I had after the meeting. We watched a video about Alma 43 and 44 when Moroni goes to battle against Zarahemla, and he scalps them. It was so amazing!! I couldn't quit thinking about it! Amazing how the spirit testifies to us of things that we've heard and seen before but maybe weren't ready to learn until that certain moment.

The rest of the week I just read the BOOK OF MORMON. I literally have read like 150 or more pages in the past week. I feel amazing! And I should be finishing the book again by tomorrow or Wednesday. It's the best! Everyone should read it again!!

On Thursday we left the house and I was not really in the mood to work. I was so tired. I just literally felt like a dead beet! My comp wasn't the greatest of help to me either. He doesn't push himself, nor try to work. So we left the house at like 2:00 to go and work. We worked all day and no one was home. No one would answer us. No one wanted us. We were told that we were messengers from Satan, and everything else you can think of. I felt like crying, I didn't, but I felt like it. Haha don't judge me! I  literally was just so confused, and so sad. The next day I prayed super hard and my comp did the same. We left the house and we were extremely blessed.... Heavenly Father does hear our humble prayers... On Friday I was blessed more than probably any day since I've been here in my mission. From Thursday when I was so sad and had the worst day of my mission to Friday where we found 5 new investigators, and a super cool reference. Amazing how prayer can change our days and our attitude.

I know that God blesses us after our trials. And I know that God exists, that He lives! I know he will always bless us, we just sometimes have to make it past the trial of our faith. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true, I know it with all of my heart! And I love it!

Sorry this is so short .... Tune in next week when I will focus more on writing a letter to you all than downloading church videos that I need. haha!!! Love you all and be safe. 

Elder Christensen

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