Monday, July 11, 2016

We're Gonna Change Pedro Puelles!

Hey there people!! 

I am so sorry I don't have much time to write today. I have a little less time for internet this week, but I will try and make this a great letter. 

This week was a week full of contacting. We only had 18 lessons, but like over 100 contacts!! Now I just want to go and sleep all day long. So the thing about being here in Pedro Puelles is that we don't receive any references. As much as we ask people and ward members they won't give us any leads or help us out. I feel like they do not like the missionary work here. Well, actually, the members here do not like the missionaries at all. Mostly because some dumb missionaries ruined it for the rest of us! So, we have to do all of the work. I don't want anyone to think that I'm whining in my letter, I am just saying that this is a hard area, and I will show them that we can change this area!!
I have heard some great quotes this week, and some great sayings. I really like something that Elder Crosland told me and my comp when he came to Huanuco and stayed with us. He said, "God sends missionaries to areas that the people are progressing so that they can help the area, and He sends missionaries to hard areas so that they, themselves, can also progress." So that is what I am going to do here. I am going to make them both happen.
So how is everyone? I am doing great. I am always tired. But Campbell and I work hard and we are teaching with the spirit. We are doing great at finding the people that are ready to be taught. We have found a few cool people that could progress and that we think could be getting baptised in the next few weeks to months. We are teaching a lady named Gelhin (I talked about her last week). And we also have a family that we found that are like golden investigators! They are so cool. We still haven`t returned to the house that we were kicked out of, haha. 

Elder Campbell and I are doing so great together and we are having a super good time. About 2 to 3 times a week we are able to have Pizza Hut! haha It is so awesome and just makes the day so much better. Yeah, in America, not that great... but in Peru, it's a treat!!!
P-day last Monday was not really anything that cool. All we did was tried to play Capture the Flag, but it just turned into a giant soccer game. jaja! So basically we will just be playing a ton of soccer here in pretty sure. And that's ok! Also, we were going to a lesson last week and I saw a kitten get thrown out of a window and land on the ground, and flip down some stairs. I'm pretty sure it broke it's back, I couldn't pick it up, but I sat next to it until it died while I was petting it. It really made me super sad.
On Friday the Elders from Tingo came to Huanuco and stayed with us. Elder Crosland (my old comp) and Elder Compton stayed in our room and we had a great talk until like 3:00 in the morning. Then we woke up and talked to President. We had a super cool multi-zone meeting. We were all super scared to talk to him because of what we'd heard, but it turns out he is super cool and is just a kid like we all are. He really is pretty young to be a mission president! haha Then on Sunday we had church and President was in our Sacrament Meeting. It was great to have him there. Well, that was my week. I promise to write more next week, but I have to go. Love you all, and be safe.

Elder Christensen

His camera was stolen and so he didn't send any pictures this week. A new camera is waiting for him at the mission office. I hope they get it to him soon!

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