Monday, July 18, 2016

We're Working Hard and It Feels So Good!!

Hey there you GRINGOS!!!
So that Gringo thing was kinda like a joke that everyone here knows!! haha  I was just walking down the street and a guy saw us and yelled GRINGO!!! with all of his might. haha. Then he ran 2 blocks to come and give me a hand shake!!! It was the best!! THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY, but I really do love them. Recently I have just been loving everyone. 

So this week was a great week full of working hard and having a little fun too. We also talked to President (we are super big homies now) and, No I was not sucking up to him (well not that much anyway! jaja) But to start off this week, we were playing soccer with all of the zones in Huanuco and it was super fun. I realized that Tingo killed me. I was getting better at soccer and I was really pretty dece but now... no! I Suck. I don't even know how to play, haha! But we had a great time still. We played for about 3 hours then played a little of Extreme Signs. Yeah, I am sorry the p-days here in Huanuco just aren`t as cool as they were in Tingo. And, also this week I think I'm finally over Tingo! It was super hard to leave there, but I'm ok now, I don't really miss it that much anymore. I do think about the people there a lot! 

Tuesday we had a really great lesson with Hermana Gelhin (Helen) she is getting very excited for her baptism. She is reading everyday and praying and everything. It's so great! She has a baby that is the cutest baby. He loves me and Elder Campbell. Gelhin is going to be the first baptism in the ward here since last August. I am so very glad that I got to be a part of her conversion and help her out. She is so great!
I feel like Elder Campbell and I are basically opening up this area. When we came here there was no one to teach! Other than Gelhin we didn't have anyone! We did have a few less actives. So E. Campbell and I have been working hard. This week we set the record of my mission!!!! with 106 contacts, and these contacts are like great contacts, I'm excited about a lot of them! We also have 9 new investigators and have had some super cool lessons!  We taught 26 lessons last week!! It is actually really fun to have a comp that likes to work. The last comp I had that actually wanted to work was Elder Bullock (my trainer). This week was really just super great!!! 

On Wednesday Elder Crosland and Elder Compton came to Huanuco and we had a party then on Friday we had interviews. I got there and President walks up to Elder Campbell, Crosland, Bautista, Daza, and me, and asked us if we wanted to try TOCUSH jaja I tried tocush!!! I am only the second person in the mission to try it! It smells SO BAD, I wanted to cry. But you know my competitive spirit came out, and I do love a good challenge! The taste wasn't too bad, it was mixed with apple, I'm sure that helped!
Then I recieved my package, and THANKS MOMMY for the package I finally have a camera now and I am pumped about it. I got some great videos. and pics.... but I forgot my converter to download them today. Sorry! 

This week we have just been working super hard! We have this family that we found, and they were ready to be taught! Their name is the Moris Family. They are way cool. We taught them like 2 lessons and we asked the whole familly to get baptised. The dad and daughter accepted, but then we asked the mom and she said, "Can I get baptised a second time?" I said, "OF COURSE" (thinking that she was saying that she had been baptised in like the Catholic church or something. But then the spirit told me to ask if she was talking about our church! And she said that she was baptised into the LDS church when she was 8 and went inactive immediately. Then after some more talking we figured out that they aren't married. They said that they didn't feel like they knew each other good enough. But I then asked her, "How do you not know each other enough? You have a 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER; A 7 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, AND A 7 MONTH OLD SON?" I would hope that you know each other!! I chuckled then I asked when we could get them married. They accepted, and said they would get married, but in a few months. So we'll just keep teaching them, and they will get baptized after they get married!
So that was my crazy week! This church is true and this is the greatest work ever! 

Love you all,
Elder Christensen

Zone Conference in Huanuco 
Elder Campbell and Elder Christensen both far right

Tocosh (also known as Togosh) is a traditional Quechua food prepared from fermented potato pulp (corn is less common). It is often prepared for celebration events and has a strong odor and flavor. Tocosh can be used as a natural antibiotic because penicillin is produced during the fermentation process. Medicinally it is used for the common cold, gastric ulcers, pneumonia, and altitude sickness among others. The Incas believed it was a gift from Inti for preservation of the body.

Elder Christensen tried Tocosh for the first time.
It does not look good!

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