Monday, December 12, 2016

Crashed in a MotoCab!!

Hey mama, and other people that read these letters!!

Well I just want to thank you all for the support that I have received the past few days.  I seriously can feel that at least one or two people are praying for me. Maybe it's just my mom and probably my dad!! But, really I thank you all for the prayers that you have given in my behalf. Really, my entire mission I have felt the prayers and support of so many people. It's such a cool thing! So thank you!
So this was another amazing week! I can say that this week was the greatest work week I have had. All of the weeks really are so great, every one seems better than the one before! So, to start off the week, I traveled all day Monday to get to this little village out in the middle of nowhere! Seriously! but, it's a super beautiful and sweet jungle village. I wish you all could see it! When I arrived we played some volleyball in the heat! And it was so much fun, and fun to be warm again! It's in the 90's here with about 90% humidity. I go from one extreme to the other! From 12,000 feet and freezing to the heart of the jungle! I am living in an apartment with my comp and another companionship. There are only 4 of us here in Pichanaki. Elder Jordan is super cool! I really like him! and my Pench is so freaking sweet! She cooks amazing. I really love her. Also we live right next to the Main Plaza right in the middle of the village. I couldn't take many pictures this week because I thought I lost my charger, but I have found it so I'll take some good pics this week. The rest of the week we just worked our butts off! I really don't have much to report, other than we worked so dang hard this week that by Sunday I was so tired I almost fell asleep while contacting someone! 

I guess the excitement of the week was getting in an accident in a motocab!! They are like motorcycles but with three wheels and seating for three. Really, it was kind of a bad one, we wrecked really hard! The man that was driving had some minor injuries. My companion and I were in the back and we were fine!

I do want to tell you about this man that we have been teaching. We've been teaching a guy named Luis Vasques, he's 24 years old. He, as a child, teenager and young adult had a super hard life. He did many things in his life that he now regrets. When I say that he has broken every single commandment, I mean he really has broken every single commandment that God has given to man. Luis, a few weeks ago was praying super hard about how he needed help to change and become better. After meeting with the missionaries he has decided to start his repentance process and is making better decisions. We hope he can stay on the path that he needs to and work hard to right all of the wrongs in his life. Luis is literally one of the the greatest men that I have ever met in my whole entire life. i have never seen a man change so much in the week that I have been here in Pichanaki. I love to see the change people can make when they have God in their lives.

We also found a lady on Tuesday that really wants to get baptized, her name is Trinidad. Trinidad is a down syndrome girl and seriously she wants to be baptised so bad. She has been attending church for the past few months, the missionaries here either thought that she was a member, or they just didn't ever contact her because really she doesn't need to be baptized. We aren't sure that this perfect angel will be able to have her wish fulfilled to be baptized because she already has her way made to the celestial kingdom. But I will keep you updated and let you know what happens with her. She is just the sweetest!

Literally we didn't have anything super cool or out of the ordinary happen most days this week. We just worked so hard, and it really felt so good! Hopefully this week we will see the fruits of our hard work, and the miracles that come along with hard work. Well that's all I have for you this week. I'll try to have a crazy week so I have something great to report! The gospel is true, and I love it!  

Elder Christensen

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