Monday, December 19, 2016

Miracles Are All Around Us

Hey there people of Gringolandia!! (that's what people here call the United States)

Bueno!!!! this week was a pretty solid week. It was full of ups and downs. But, mostly one giant up and an even bigger down. haha!  Well, to start of, we played soccer and volleyball on Monday and we won!!! We barely beat the ward here, but we did win!!

After we had our p-day we went to visit the 1st councilor in the ward, and gave him a Priesthood blessing. He came walking into the room at 1/18th mph. He has the same thing that happened with my back a few years ago when I could barely walk! He came in and sat down, we were going to have birthday cake for his birthday. He looked into my eyes and said, "Elder Christensen, I need a priesthood blessing".  So I said, "ok, I think that would be a good idea".  So the 4 of us Elders put our hands on the head of this 65 year old man's head and I gave him a blessing of healing. He stood up right after the blessing and just started walking. He said that he felt almost like normal, and then he started to tear up. It was his birthday, but he wasn't planning to do anything because he was so laid up. He actually had the best birthday ever. He was able to see a miracle. I seriously could feel the power that I really have as a Preisthood holder. I truly have an immense testimony of the Preisthood, and the power that God gives to his children. I feel so blessed and humbled by this power. I want to always live worthy to hold this special power. 

The rest of the week was ok. We had some way sweet people that are getting ready for baptism! Their testimonies are growing so much and so fast. It truly is a sight to see. We even had a family that has been investigating for 5 months tell us that they are ready to get married and baptized. They won't be able to get married for a month or two, but they are super happy because they are following the commandments and doing all the things they need to do to become members. The man of the family even wants to help bless the sacrament!

So the whole week was great, up until we got to FridayFriday we went to Satipo for a zone meeting. When we got back on Saturday morning everything went bad. We had a whole day planned with such cool investigators. We were so excited to go out and see these people, but we had several of them tell us that they don't want to listen to us anymore and the rest literally just failed us! We did this from 12 o'clock in the afternoon until like 9:00 at night. We just contacted people that didn't want to listen to us.  

Sunday was more of the same, but Sunday turned out to be a great day. First of all, we got to church, and the bishop walked up to tell my comp and I that we needed to be the Sacrament Meeting speakers. He told me that I needed to talk for 15 minutes and my comp for 10 minutes. So I had to give a talk that was prepared on the spot! I said a quick prayer and knew I really had to rely on the spirit! I felt like the spirit definately was prompting me and telling me what to say. I guided my words enough to have the whole congregation sitting on the edge of their seat. After they told us that we had given talks that sounded like they were from the Apostles. haha Sometimes the spirit can work better on us if we don't over prepare (or prepare at all!) It's an amazing thing to let it work!
I truly did have a great week. We saw miracles happen and we suffered some too, but what is God's plan without opposition. I love you all and miss you. We'll see ya on Sunday family! I can't wait!! Merry Christmas or as we say it here.... Feliz Navidad!

Elder Christensen

Luke's Pensionista in Pichanaki 

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