Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Goodbye Chilca .... Hello Pichanaki!!

Hey there people!

So this was probably the craziest week that I have had in my whole mission. So there is a young man named Daybin, I've talked about him before. He's preparing for a mission and he's been my comp on and off during this transfer. So I've been teaching Daybin how to contact the people, and how to teach the lessons. We started off the week great! It was one of the greatest weeks that I have ever had!! We started out with P-day on Monday... we ate Anticuchos (cow heart) and it was so good!!! The rest of the week was straight work. We literally found like 5 different families to teach!. By the end of the week we had like 15 people with a baptismal date! I was so exciting, we were working so hard! We found a family of 4 that we started teaching. Like many people in Peru, the parents aren't married. But Daybin started talking to the dad, about how the dad needs to get married and how God will bless them for following that commandment. The dad, Percy, changed his mind 180 degrees, the same with his wife Deena. It was so great! So the rest of the week we were working hard to find those chosen people that God needs in his army. By Thursday night we had 100 contacts, about 17 lessons and 11 new investigators. A record week, proving that hard work pays off! This is the greatest work ever!

But.... we all know that to every great story there is an ending. There is always opposition in everything. At 9:30 Thursday night we got a call from the Assistants telling us that "Chilca has been closed to the Elders." There would only be sisters teaching in Chilca. I first thought that it was just a giant joke. Then at about 10 o'clock that night the financial secretary called us and said that the next morning I needed to pack my bags and leave my room in Chilca. He also said that I needed to move every single article that was in the house, like the beds, closets, the desks, everything from the 3rd floor to the Zone Leader's room (remember I don't have a car). So on Friday morning we took everything out and moved it all.  Later that day I went to Pampas again to do a baptismal interview. It was great to be back in Pampas, I love it there, the two people passed the interview and we bought three 3 liters of soda, 2 Inka Kolas and 1 Coke, and we sat down and drank them!

 Familia Inga
 Familia Quispe
Jose Luis and Edith
 Elder Vinola
Saying Goodbye to Chilca
On Saturday and Sunday I worked with the Sister missionaries showing them the area and introducing them to the people that I had been working with and preparing for baptism. It was so sad to see so many people that I have grown to love, and that are so close to entering into the waters of baptism. It was the hardest thing ever to tell them that I wouldn't be teaching them anymore and then to have to say goodbye knowing that I may never see them again. I guess it´s all a part of the mission and mission life.

Hermanas ... Aramayo, Schmid, Dymock, Martin
Elders Mulatillo, Christensen, Ayala
The District
I'm really going to miss Huancayo/Chilca, and the people but I'll continue my journey here. I'm on to my next adventure ... I'll be in the jungle again! On Monday I took the long 5 hour ride to my new area PICHANAKI or PICHANAQUI!!!!  It's on the eastern edge of my mission in the middle of the jungle! It's beautiful here, and yes, it's very very hot, of course it is Summer here. I'm still a District Leader here. My new companion is from Bolivia, his name is Elder Jordan and he's taller than me! Crazy for a Bolivian to be over 6'! I really like him! We have already made some goals, we are going to have to work hard to accomplish them, but we're going to do great things here. Maybe I'll be here for another 6 months? Who knows? I miss you all and love you all. 

Good bye!
Elder Christensen
 Hello Pichanaki Corazon de la Selva Central!!
"Pichanaki Heart of the Central Jungle"
Pichanaki is going to be a beautiful and warm place to serve!

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