Monday, November 28, 2016

It's All in God's Timing

Hello there family and friends!!

How is life? So this week was a pretty crazy week. To start off we had a pretty sweet p-day last week, we played some soccer! It was so much fun!

Tuesday we had a Leader's Council, so every single leader all met up in Huancayo and talked about how we are going to make the mission better. I got to see all of my buds that I came to the mission with and more. Every single American missionary from my group that I came with was there in the Council, it was great to see everyone again after so long. I got to see my bud Elder Ramirez again after like 9 months, such a great reunion!

Elder Christensen and Elder Ramirez 

At Leader's Conference

So this week we had a great time and I worked so hard and kept really busy. I am still without a companion. I just have to call people everyday to figure out who can go with me for the day. So last Tuesday and Wednesday we worked super hard. I was with a young man named Daybin. Maybe you remember him, he's the young man I talked about a month or so ago, he had the crazy dreams and he is preparing for a mission. We literally saw miracles during those 2 days. We found 5 super sweet investigators on Tuesday. These people are truly looking for the truth. We just happened to show up at the exact time to be able to help them. Of course, after a lot of prayer and asking Heavenly Father to guide us to those who need us, and those searching for the happiness the gospel can bring, we were led right to them. I really have been noticing that God works in the simplest ways, and that everything happens for a reason. I know that there are people in the area that we have found, that I never would have found if I hadn't been without a companion and with a member all day. I know that I have been led to certain people that I probably would not have found. I know that even through the simple things, like putting a thought in my head to stop and wait 3 seconds can and has changed the lives of people. If we will take time to stop and listen, we can all be led everyday of our lives, even in the simplest of things.

So on Thursday (Thanksgiving Day in America!) Elder Mulatillo, Elder Ayala, and I embarked on a journey.  We went to Huancavelica! It's a place about three hours south of Huancayo. We got there and went on divisions with the Elders that are there. I went with an Elder that is a real big "Debbie Downer". He has like 19 months in the misson, but he just hates his mission. He seems so miserable. So I had to try and inspire him and give him some tips. Yeah, it was an interesting day. But he is feeling better and doing better now too. We left to go back to Huancayo the next morning, and on the way back we saw a sweet colonial bridge and a tower on the bridge. It was sweet! Then when we were walking back to get in the car we hear people yell "BOYITOS, BOYITOS!"  We were so happy! A boyito is a piece of bread, but it is not just any piece of bread, it is the best tasting bread that I have ever tasted in my 19-1/2 years of life! Eating the boyitos made the week one of the greatest weeks in my whole mission. It really is the little things! It was a great week full of success. I am happy. I am grateful for the lessons learned here. Things as simple as stopping to listen to the spirit. 
Well that's all for this week. I love you all!

Elder Christensen

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Izquchaca, Peru 

The Colonia Bridge 

"The Utah View"
As named by the Utah Missionaries
because of the Red Rocks and Green River

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