Monday, November 14, 2016

Preachin' To The Police

Hey there peeps. 

Well how is everyone and how is the whole Donald Trump thing? Even the people here in Peru are super angry. They keep whining and saying that Trump's going to send every Latin back to their home land!! So other than that Peru is doing good. 

This week on Tuesday the missionaries that I was with had to go and travel throughout the mission, so they called a mini missionary to be with me until the next change, so in like 3 weeks, then I'll have a real comp, I think anyway!

But to start off, I got the mini missionary and the first thing that I told him was, "I feel like doing some crazy things this week!" So basically this week we were contacting and finding new people to teach. We played volleyball with some people in the street and then contacted them. It turns out they are super cool people!! They really like to listen to us teach about God. And, they invited us back to talk to them again. Their names are Vicki and Fil (Phil). We also found this man and his family, his name is Malanio. He and his wife have this sweater factory and they make hundreds of sweaters a day. They really are so cool. They are super interested in the messages that we teach them too. Malanio and his wife came to church yesterday and they now have a baptismal date in December. I'm super excited for them!

So this week we went to Chacapampa. This is where Jose Luis lives. You might remember that he was baptized a few weeks ago and lives out in the country. We talked to Jose, but when we were leaving we decided to hitch a ride from a bus to get back to Chilca. So while we were riding home on this bus, we got this idea to stand up and talk to people. I guess it was one of those crazy things I wanted to do! So, in this traveling bus we started to preach to the people on the bus. We preached to like 40 people about the gospel, and gave away pamphlets and contact cards. You hear stories of missionaries in the early church days preaching on the corner, I felt like that! It was so cool!!! We'll see what comes of it!

On the way to Chacapampa 
Luke and his new companion a Mini Missionary

On Saturday we felt like doing something crazy, again! We're getting really creative! So we went to the police station and we talked to the Chief of Police, the boss of everyone. We talked about how we can change the community, and how we can help the families in our community be stronger. He told us to come back to the station another day. So just this morning we went back to talk to the other police officers, and we were able to talk to every officer that he is in charge of! It was like 30 officers!! We told them our plan and how we are going to help them. They all invited us to go to their houses to help build their own families, then they will go out and help build the families of others! It really was so sweet. The spirit guided our words, and when we were leaving we got a picture with all of them. We looked at the picture after, and something was different, it was different that everyone was normal but my comp and I, we were brightly shining, like we had an aura around us! The fact is that we were outside and the flash wasn't on, but the way we look in the picture is exactly how we felt after talking to them! We were so happy and glowing! It was a remarkable experience! Really it was just an amazing week. The work continues! It's the greatest work ever!

I miss you all! I love you all! bye!!!

Elder Christensen

Contacting at the Police Station

Mama Pachis, Luke's Pensionista, and her sons 

Luke, Winnie the Dog, and cute Pachis
Luke loves Pachis, his pensionista

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