Monday, February 20, 2017

The Greatest Miracle .... To See a Man Change His Life

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T'was a very great week! So let's just get down to business! PRESIDENT MONTOYA came to the mission!!! Honestly, it was just so cool!! President Montoya is a counselor in the Area Authority Presidency that is over Peru and a few other countries in South America. We were to have a Multi Zone training on Wednesday here in Huanuco. So that morning at about 8:30, President Silva came running to my comp and I and said, Elder Montoya is going to be here soon and we don't have any decorations for the meeting! WE NEED FLOWERS!!!!" So my comp and I booked it into Huanuco City in a mototaxi, we had to find some super beautiful flowers, and fast! We found a shop, and some sweet flowers and we raced back to beat Elder Montoya to the church, we didn't want to look unprepared!! We had to be there before he got there. We got there just in time! Two minutes later at like 10 o`clock he arrived!! Whew!

 Elder Christensen and Elder Islas (companions)
Flowers for the Multi Zone Conference with 
Elder Montoya, First Counselor in the South America Northwest Area Authority Presidency
Elder Moss, Elder Christensen, Elder Islas (Luke's companion)

We had a Multi Zone with him and he told us the coolest stories ever. I felt the spirit so strong during the meeting, and so many times I felt like I was going to tear up. As I looked around the room, half of the missionaries were crying.  It was such a cool experience to feel his spirit and the love that he has for the gospel and the work we are all doing. He talked about "love". Loving your companion, loving those we are teaching, loving our President and most of all loving our Father in Heaven. If we are truly loving all of these things then we will be happy, and that happiness will show through, and others will want that same happiness that we have. Serving my Heavenly Father does make me happy, so those other things should just come natural. I love this work. It was amazing to spend time with a servant of the Lord and listen to his words. I learned so much! I love this work!
 Elder Islas, Elder Christensen and Elder Montoya

On Thursday we were on our way back to Huancayo for a Leaders meeting with Elder Montoya that was to be held on Friday! We had a great time there and had the chance to hear more of his cool stories and to learn from him and all of the wisdom that he has. He's such an amazing man, and his spirit is so strong! So on Friday, we again listened to this wise man, teach us how we can be better and become better people and better missionaries and build on our own testimony! Honestly, I thought the teachings at the Multi Zone were better than the Leadership training, but really I could listen to him every day!

We got back to Huanuco on Friday night, seeing straight miracles on the way home! No lie, I'm pretty sure we almost died like 15 times! Every time I travel in this crazy country I just feel so antzy because we literally almost get in 10-20 accidents just traveling a short distance. The roads here are sketchy at best, and the drivers, well that's another story! Hopefully I get home with all my hair! haha  

On Saturday we also saw miracles. I have always been told "the greatest miracle, is that a man can change his life". And there is nothing greater to see! So, on Saturday we were picking up our clothes from the lady that does our laundry, and we asked her if there was anything she needed help with or anything we could do for her. She's a member in our ward, and so nice. So she asked us to help her put Chicha Morada that she had made in bags, because she was having a Pollada (selling bbq chicken). While we were there helping her a kid came walking in. I looked at him for a second and he said, "Elder Christensen"!!! I looked closer at him and said "MARK"!! What's up man! Mark was and 18 year old guy that I found and taught when I was with Elder Arpires my first transfer in Tingo Maria!! We taught him and his family for like 4 months, almost the whole time I was in Tingo! He said, "I FINALLY GOT BAPTIZED"!! It was a great reunion and such a good experience to see him after such a long time. And to hear that he recently had been baptized in November really made me so happy! His mom is getting ready to be baptized soon too. We had a great time talking and catching up. But to see the change in him was amazing to me. The gospel changes people spiritually, mentally and sometimes even physically. It is so great to be surrounded by miracles every day! And, it was almost like that just set the tone, because that whole day literally everyone that we taught was so interested and excited about the gospel and the things we were teaching them. So many of them told us that they want to be a part of what we have, and they want to get baptized. 

Mark and Elder Christensen

I really did see the greatest of miracles this week. I love this work, I love this gospel, I love where I am and what I do every day, I love my Heavenly Father, and I love you, all.

Nos vemos, pronto!
Elder Christensen

Also.... Happy Birthday to Kaitlin, Demi, Remi and Grandma (wow! lots of bdays!) and big CONGRATS to Kolt and Jen on baby Nora!!! 

 Luke's Pensionista Jessica, Elder Islas and Elder Christensen
Looks like they're eating Canchita?? (Peruvian Popcorn)
Jessica's husband and the Bishop of the ward
Elder Christensen and Elder Islas live with the Bishop and his wife.
 Back-Elder Moss
Middle L-Elder Campbell R-Elder Walker
Front L-Elder Ramirez R-Elder Christensen
 These missionaries all went into the mission together almost 18 months ago!
Elder Christensen, Elder Moss and Elder Ramirez

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