Monday, February 6, 2017

Such a Special Week

Hello everyone!
How are you all? I'm doing great! This week was a very special week for me. I feel like I learned so much this week. And I feel like I just continue to become a better missionary and a better person, of course all because of my Heavenly Father. So to start off, I just want to say that we were blessed so much in the work this week. I know that we are being so blessed because of our hard work and diligence and obedience. The two previous weeks we basically walked all day, everyday.  It was seriously making us super tired, worn out and a little sad too. But this week we didn't have to walk so much and the fruits of all of our past work have shown. All of our walking, and talking to people, and walking more, and stopping to pray wondering where to go next, or what to do next, paid off this week. We had many days with 4 or 5 lessons, and a ton of contacts. We also found several new people that really want to listen to us! It really was such a wonderful week. I hope for more just like it! 
So this week, like I said, I learned a lot. I learned that I have a ton of hidden strength that maybe I had forgotten was there. Strength that I haven't used since my football days. It was one of those lessons that I learned on the football field and I had to dig deep to find again. This last Friday I woke up really sick. This is the first time in my mission since I left Carhuamayo that I've been so sick, but I woke up and I felt like I was dying!! I got up and we started to study, but, I couldn't even sit up. I had to go and lay back down. So, I slept until about 10:00, then we did weekly planning laying in our beds, well, my comp did weekly planning while I laid in my bed, so sick. Then at about 11:30 a man came to our house. His name was Guillermo, and he wanted us to do some service for him. When he told us that we had to help him I couldn't imagine how I could do anything, I was so sick. But, my comp said yes, and I said, "yeah, but I don't know if I can do anything. I might just have to sit".  We got to the place he needed help, and the man got super mad at me that I couldn't work. I guess he didn't get it that I felt like I was dying! So I just dug down deep and pulled everything I had out of myself and I started working. We had to put 600 bricks into a truck in less than 30 minutes. They really did need my help. So we worked. And, yes, I was about to die, or maybe just pass out. But I got the extra strength and I worked hard until we finished. I don't know how I was able to work as hard as I did and finish the project, but I know without the help of Heavenly Father I could never have survived. I know that I gained strength from Him to be able to work hard for that time.

I also felt so strongly this past week that I needed to read some talks that I had, and also some letters that my brothers and cousins had given me the night before I left on my mission. I haven't read through them since the beginning of my mission. I used to read them all the time to get through hard times, and times that I felt like I couldn't do it. Once again, these talks and letters motivated me so much to be able to work hard all day, everyday. I look up to these guys, they've all served missions and their advice and experience has helped me to be better in the mission. They have given me hope and strength to continue on each day. I am grateful also for my Savior and the strength and hope that He provides each day. I know that I am so blessed.

It really was such a great week. I feel great and I'm loving it here!! Pray for those we're teaching that they will have a desire to follow Him. I'm looking forward to another great week, full of great experiences!! I'm headed to Huancayo today. We'll see what happens there!! Have a great week, I love and miss you all!

Nos vemos,
Elder Christensen

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