Monday, January 30, 2017

The Holy Ghost is Real

Hey there!

So I have absolutely no time because I had to solve a bunch of problems and read a bunch of stuff while I was online. But, I just want to say that this week was a pretty great one. 

On Tuesday we walked all day long..... the greatest thing that happened this week was on Wednesday. On Wednesday we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast with the Executive Council of Missionaries. It was so cool knowing that this was being broadcast throughout the world! They talked about how we can help investigators repent and feel good about themselves and then get baptized and be good productive members. They talked about changes to our daily schedule that will really be helpful, especially since missions all over the world are so different from one to the next. It really was a super sweet, and crazy, and amazing conference! I loved it! It was so good to hear from the brethren.  

After the broadcast I had a talk with President Silva. I guess it really was an interview. He wanted to have a little talk with me. I expressed what I was feeling, and he taught me so many things that were so edifying. He is an amazing man, with so much knowledge, and filled with the spirit. He really knows how to touch me and knows just what I need. He's very inspired. When I left I felt like I was walking on a cloud, it was seriously the coolest thing! We went straight to an appointment, and we had a Family Home Evening in the house of a less active family. There were also these two return missionaries with us. They started sharing a message with the family and these two RM's just started burning the heck out of the less active family. It was awkward to say the least, everyone just felt so uncomfortable. I stopped them, and I told everyone that I wanted to talk. I just felt like I couldn't leave while these less actives had just been the "wood that we used to grill our steaks on".  So the spirit was screaming at me to talk and fix it! I don't remember what I said exactly, but I did feel like someone had entered into my body and spoke to everyone using my body and my mouth. Everyone there said that I even had a different voice. The man thanked me for what had happened and the words I had said, and every one left a little bit more edified and lifted, and we all left with some cake too! It was such a neat experience. I truly believe that the Holy Ghost is with us and will talk to us, or for us, if we are in tune with the Spirit and listen. It's amazing. I've felt so good since I've been back here in Huanuco. I really don't have words to explain it, I just feel so good. I love it!

That is my week. I love you all and I miss you all.

Elder Christensen

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