Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Well hello people!! 

I officially can say that I will be home this year! Happy 2017! It's passing by really fast! 2016 has been a great year with many great times, lots of trials, lots of blessings and so much learning.

So it was a pretty decent week. We had a great time, sad time, tired time, and also a BAPTISM!  Great way to start the year!

So this week we started off with a little hike. It took about 20 minutes, but I would have never imagined that it was going to be hotter that the furnace that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego got thrown into!! It was SO FREAKING HOT! We all got to the top of the mountain and were just drenched in sweat. So when we got to the top we decided we would just stay up there for a while. We stopped at a little hut where they sell drinks and we bought a 3 liter Inka Kola that was basically frozen and we just sat and chilled for like half an hour and talked and told jokes. Then we went and looked at the cross of Pichanaki, it is gigantic. I climbed it, but I didn't get a picture while I was at the top, but I got a picture of me jumping from the middle of it. We really just worked hard and played harder this week.

So a few months ago the elders here found a family, the Family Saavedra. They really love the gospel and want to get baptized, but the bad thing is that they aren't married. So Elder Ramirez, right before I got here, baptized the daughter, but the mom and dad aren't married so they couldn't get baptized. The bad thing about the whole situation is that they didn't want to get married because they have a giant debt. But this week we were talking to them and the spirit was guiding our words and helping us out. I have really learned to depend on the spirit, and I love it! It's incredible when you trust in the spirit and it guides you and guides your words. Elder Jordan and I felt so great about what God had done for us by blessing us so strong with the spirit during this lesson. So, on Thursday we passed by their house to see how they were, and what was going on with them. The first thing that they told us is that they had felt so strongly this past week that they need to take a new step in there lives, and that they need to get married and then get baptized. They told us that they are planning on getting married at the beginning of February. They said the first week! Then after they are going to enter into the waters of baptism! We were pretty excited about this since we didn't think they would ever decide to get married. Amazing what the spirit is capable of. It touched them and it taught them.
This Saturday a special daughter of God got baptized. Her name is Trinidad and she is our Pension's husband's mom. (I hope that made sense?) It's always so great to see someone make the decision to be baptized and watch them go into the waters of baptism. There is no spirit like it!  We also had a baptism for a mentally handicaped lady that really, really, really wanted to get baptised. She didn't need to be baptized, but she had such a great desire that we just decided to let her be baptized. Again, it was one of the greatest moments that I have felt in my whole life. She has such a great spirit about her anyway, and then to top it off with a baptism. It was a great day! The spirit is real.

That is all for this week and I'll report again next. I love you all! 

Elder Christensen

Pichanaki Peru 
Luke with Pichanaki Peru in the background 

A cross on top of a hill overlooking Pichanaki, Peru
Many cities in South America have a cross or religious statue overlooking the city 

Elder Jordan, Trinidad and Elder Christensen
Trinidad is the Mother of Luke's Pensionista's husband

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