Monday, January 23, 2017

Made It Out Of The Danger Zone!

I just want to say  HAPPY late BIRTHDAY VIANSA!!!!!!!!  So this week was a pretty strange week, also super funny, and also super tiring! I'm not going to write a lot because the keyboard that I'm using is awful, and it is super hard to type on.

To start off.... Monday I was supposed to leave to go to Huanuco to meet up with my new comp and be in my new area, but, I had to stay in Pichanaki until Tuesday afternoon because last Monday morning we woke up and it was so strange, but no one was in the street and it's usually so busy in the mornings with everyone doing their thing, so we were all so confused! So we went to our Pench's house, like usually, but when we got the the bridge we could see gigantic tires in the middle of the bridge and they were all on fire. All over in the road and surrounding the bridge there were lots of native people that were mad because the banks haven't given them their money so that they can build their farms. They are seriously a little crazy! And it was a little scary!

Luke's Pensionista, her husband, Luke and Hermana Benedicta
Having Slushies with his Pensionista with the rioting in the background.
 Rioting on the Bridge as Luke was trying to leave Pichanaki
 The Pichanaki Elders
Saying Goodbye to Pichanaki

On Tuesday I had to embark on a very long journey that was supposed to take like 9 hours. I was headed to Huanuco, my new area. But instead of a 9 hour trip, our trip to Huanuco took about 12 hours because we had to sit in the car, in the middle of all of the rioting for 3 hours. These natives here are crazy!

After a long trip we finally made it to Huanuco. (I seriously was so sad to leave Pichanaki, I have loved it there!) But we made it safe and sound after making our way through the rioting and driving forever, we finally made it at like 8 o´clock at night.  And then I started my work for the week with my new comp Elder Islas. This is his last change before he will go home. I really like him, and we'll do great together.
It was a week full of walking! I have never walked more in my life!! We've seriously got to work this area, this week we started with about 3 investigators, and now we are at like 10, so we're feeling good with our progress in a few short days! We walked, contacted what it seemed to be like 500 people, just to find our 10, I feel like it's a super hard area. It was so hard just to find someone that wanted to listen to us and repent of their sins, and try to be better. We walked, and walked, and laughed, and we felt sad, and then we laughed some more. The people here are super hard hearted! So after contacting forever, my comp and I went and knocked on a door, when all of a sudden the door flew open, and a little old lady opened the door and she seriously about had a heart attack when she looked at us!! She started screaming for her life!!!! "PISHTACO, PISHTACO, PICHTACO, etc.etc." haha!! for what it seemed to be like 30 seconds!! She ran inside of her house and grabbed a mop, and came out and tried beating us over the head with a mop. I just started laughing!!!! I laughed harder than I have in my entire life, I think!! (In case you've forgotten what a Pishtaco is ... According to South American folklore, mainly in Peru and Boliva, a Pishtaco is an evil monster-like man - often a stranger and often a white man - who seeks out unsuspecting Indians to kill them an abuse them in many ways. The legend dates back to the Spanish conquest of South America. Primarily, this has been stealing their body fat for various cannibalistic purposes, or cutting them up an selling their flesh as fried chicharrones. Pishtaco derives from the local Quechua language word "petty" which means to "behead, cut the throat, or cut into slices.") 

Then on Friday we walked all day long and contacted, when out of nowhere my comp received revelation. The spirit told him that we need to go and visit a member. When we got to the members house, the man was so happy, (Hermano Huaytan) he is a cripple, and he started to cry and tell us how before we arrive he had been crying and pleading with God to send us to visit him. We had a good visit with him, cheered him up while spending some time with him. It truly was one of those experiences that tells me just how much God loves his children! He does love us all, no matter who we are, we are his children. He is there for us if we will live our lives according to his plan and his will, be obedient and ask for his help, he is always there to help us. We can be so blessed by Him if we will just allow him in to help us.

It really was a great week of learning, and I have a feeling this will be an even better week. Love you all!!

Elder Christensen

 Beautiful Jungle ... Pichanaki
Los Negritos

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