Monday, February 27, 2017

I Think I'm Going To Stay Here Forever!

It has been a wonderful week! So this week Elder Islas was sent home, haha not for being stupid, but because he had finished his 2 years. He was such a good guy. Rest in peace Elder Islas! It truly is so fun here. I'm just so happy to be here in the mission. I'm not going to lie, to see Elder Islas cry so hard to leave it made me say to myself... "Why would you ever want to go home? Just stay in Peru forever!" I'm so happy to be here!

So this week was pretty hectic! We have been working hard but still having a great time, and YES we are dead tired! We have over 230 contacts and very few lessons this week. So this Monday we had a decent zone p-day, and then after we ate LASAGNA!!  But the great week started off on Tuesday when we didn't have any time to work. We had like 2 hours to work, so we went out with all the energy and tried to talk to every living creature, (even the demon dogs, they also need to repent).  I was on divisions with Elder Grandstaff and we went to a lesson with Biliana (investigator) and Milton (less active).  While we were there they told us that they were going to move back to their old home in the middle of the jungle. They are here in Huanuco on vacation for 3 months.  He, Milton, is a returned missionary, but now a less active and they live in this little jungle village that is about 8 hours from here. The nearest church to them is about 4 hours away from where they live.  So we started off talking and we were telling the story in 1 Nephi 16 about Nephi's bow and his brother's bow and arrows. At the end of the visit I felt like leaving a promise with them. They are just the neatest people! These are the word I said: "In the name of Jesus Christ and as a representative of Him, I promise that if you will leave your work and move to a place where there is a church close to you so that you can attend meetings, you will find a new job that will support you and your soon to be family, better than the one you've got now." He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I am ready to act on that promise!" To receive inspiration from the Lord is such an amazing feeling. It was just all so right, and the words were straight from Heavenly Father. We finished with them and went home. Then on Saturday I went back to visit him, but this time I was with Elder Baca. (Not Elder Baca from the beginning of my mission, we now have a new Elder Baca, he's a great guy too!) We started talking about how we receive a testimony, and the lady, Biliana said, "I also believe that the church is true. I have a testimony." I was stunned. It was such a crazy thing to hear that this lady just changed her mind 180 degrees, and for her to say that she loves the church and wants to go every Sunday, and be a part of the gospel was the best thing I've heard in a long time! They kept talking and said that they were still planning to go back to their old house in the jungle on Tuesday. I was kinda sad and confused, and then they told us that they are going to come back in a month to Huanuco, and Milton is going to look for a new job for 3 months, they are going to get married, and Biliana will have their baby here!! If he finds a good job in those 3 months then they are going to stay and live in Huanuco forever!!! They want to stay here so that in a year and a few months they can go to the temple and get sealed together.  They will be such amazing members! I see good things happening with them!

It was a crazy week in other ways. I have seen so many car crashes and dead dogs and cats! Maybe the world is ending or something! but, whatever, I'm in a great place if it does! Also on Saturday morning we sent Elder Islas off to Huancayo. He is officially going to be home in Mexico tomorrow at 4 o´clock pm. Elder Grandstaff also finished his mission.  Two really great guys!! I'll miss them!

So.... the new changes have happened and no one is going to believe this, but my new comp is ELDER CROSLAND! again!!!!! We were companions my last transfer in Tingo Maria! I am stoked to get him back! We worked so great together. We're gonna do some great things! It's going to be a super great change, or maybe a couple of changes!!  We are headed out on "The road to total conversion" just like President Montoya talked about! We'll be converting others, while totally converting ourselves! Can't wait to see what happens and who we find to teach!
Love you all and see you all very soon! Chau!
Elder Christensen

Elder Christensen in Huanuco by the side of the Huallaga River
 Elder Tai Baca
Elder Christensen's very organized desk!
And... having a Mountain Dew after a long hard day!

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