Monday, May 8, 2017

607 Days Served ... 100 Days to Go!

Hey there people!
So this week I felt like I just walked around my area and contacted like 300+ people and only taught like 6 or 7 lessons. It seems so strange, my time here is so short. My mission has passed by soooo fast I feel like! I can't believe that I'm down to 100 days from today. I think I'll miss it here. 

Last Monday for P-day we had a great time going to some ruins outside Huanuco. They are called the Hands of Kotosh or the Temple of Kotosh. They think they were built in about 2000 BC and believe it was a religious site. There aren't any other ruins near them so they think it was a temple or something. I don't know why, but Peru sold the ruins to some Chinese people a few years ago and they have tried to reconstruct some of them, and it kinda ruined them. They should have just left them alone.

 Elder Christensen and Elder Moss
 Elder Johnson, Elder Moss and Elder Christensen
 Temple of Kotosh
Temple of Kotosh

The rest of the week we contacted like one-fourth of our area and I don't think that anyone would guess how many drunk people tried to talk to us during this week!!  I think that about 5 drunk people tried to talk to us every day. All they ever say is "yeah papa, yeah papa mucho respeto, ayudeme a cambiar!!"  That just means "lots of respect, and help me change."  All of them say it while crying there eyes out and hugging us so tight that I thought my eyes were going to pop out!" And they don't mean it... they're drunk! haha

We found a sweet lady, Marleni.  She talked to the missionaries like 15 years ago and said that she would love to be Mormon, but then said, "I want my son to go to church tomorrow and the next week, but we can't talk about my baptism." I said, "why won't you go to church tomorrow?" she replied, "it`s because I want my son to see if it's beautiful (the church) and if it is, then I'll go, and we can talk about baptism there." It was actually a really cool experience. I haven't had anyone just tell me they needed to get baptised in quite a long time. She knows she needs to be baptized, but wants her son to check it all out first. We'll keep working with her. She was a great lady and I felt the spirit so strong when we were with her! 

Then right after that we headed out to get over to my old area Micaela, where Milton & Biliana got married!! I've waited a long time to see this happen. Friday was the wedding, and it was very interesting!!!  I have never been to such a weird wedding in my whole life.  They do everything so different here!! But then I guess I haven't been to that many actual weddings, since they are usually in the temple! They gave me a cup of Coke, and they didn`t say what it was for. So of course, I drank it.  Then some lady came out and looked at me like I was an idiot, and everyone in the whole wedding party started laughing, and I said "what??? in the heck!!" And they said, "it`s for the toast!!!!!!!!" I couldn't believe that they actually do that here, with Coke!  So they brought me another coke and I felt like a complete idiot!! jaja It was kind of crazy!! And.... Billiana will be getting baptized next week! I'm really happy for them! So happy they are taking the steps to make everything right!

Elder, Elder, Elder Crosland, Milton, Biliana, Elder Christensen, Elder
Elder Crosland, Milton, Biliana and Elder Christensen

I went with Elder Walker to a baptism of some people that he taught. It was another great day to see these people take the baptismal covenants. It's so great to see what the gospel does in people's lives. It just makes it better! This gospel's true and it will bring us closer to our Savior in so many ways.

 Elder Walker and Elder Christensen
Elder Christensen, Elder Walker with 2 other Elders and
those being baptized 

Well that was my week. I'll talk to you all on Sunday, Mother's Day!! Can't wait to see you all! 

Elder Christensen 

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