Monday, July 31, 2017

After A Storm of Hard Weeks.... Comes a Miracle!

Well people of the States... (No! I'm not trunky!!)

So this week was a good week! We went to Huánuco for Multi Zone Conference and Activities,! It really was was a sweet few day, and I got to see my old pench! We were divided into 6 teams and we played some Olympic games that President and the office had put together. I can say that my team, if we were in the Winter Olympic Slopestyle Competition for snowboarding, we would be called Ghana Africa.  It's because the people who were on my team were such great people, but WOW, I didn't think a whole team could be so uncoordinated!!! haha  The funny thing is that we still took 3rd out of the 6 teams, yeah, we weren't too bad! The Conference was great and I was asked to bear my final testimony. It was a great opportunity, and made me really stop and think about the things that my mission has done for me. I've learned so much, and been through so much, and it's made me who I am now.

The rest of this week was truly something remarkable. It was sort of a miracle, a tender mercy for sure. So, we found this guy named Nikolas on Thursday, the day we returned from Huanuco. We went to his house to visit him. We were talking and he had to take a call so he left the room. I told my comp "Baptize him right now!!"  So when the brother Nikolas came back into the room we talked about the Authority of the Priesthood, and the greatness of the gospel and all it has to offer us, then my comp looked at me with the funniest look, like "what should I do now?" And I said, "just say it!" He invited him to be baptized, and the brother Niko said, "Of course, can it be tomorrow?" I said, "heck yeah if you really want you can do it right now!"  He said, "how about next Saturday?" My comp said, "even better, Saturday would be perfect!"  He accepted, and then told us how he had felt in the past. He had been searching for the true church that would fit everything he wanted in a church but all of the other churches discriminated against him and wouldn't let him be baptized. What a blessing that we found him and could teach him!  After teaching him for just a minute the light in his face changed, he loved what we were teaching him! It all made sense and he knew it was all true! He is forever content with what we taught him, and he's so excited to be baptized and be a member! So this Saturday is THE DAY we are going to have a baptism in Carhuamayo! There hasn't been a baptism in this branch for a long long time! And it's my last Saturday in my area. What a great way to end my mission!  This gospel is great and brings so much happiness to people! I'm excited for Nikolas to be a part of this church! It's true! And I love it!
One more email, next week, and I'll wrap it all up! See you very soon. 16 days! Love you all!

Con amor!
Elder Christensen
I love his rosy red "Cerro Cheeks" (and white eyebrows).
Everyone in the city has rosy red "Cerro Cheeks" from the bitter cold.
Luke said today that some people who have always lived there, have scared cheeks from the bitter cold and high altitude.
 Elder Alvarez, Elder Bolanos and Elder Christensen
Elder Alvarez with Elder Christensen
(Luke's companion in his last area in Huanuco)
Luke's friends who have returned from their missions
came to visit me!
Andrew, Scotty and Tanner

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